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The latest changes to the EORI number

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The EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) is a unique number required for all customs operations in the European Union, such as export, import and transit.

It uniquely identifies each company or person doing business with the customs authorities.

Each person or company can have only one valid EORI number at any one time, which they must communicate to customs during the clearance process. This unified system makes customs clearance processes more efficient and secure.

Every company in the European Union must have an EORI number. Even companies located outside the European Union must obtain one if they carry out customs operations, such as import and export declarations.

In addition, certain non-business people are also required to have an EORI number, if the law of their country or the rules of the European Union so require.

To obtain an EORI number, a company must register with the customs authority of its country within the European Union.

If the company is not located in the European Union, it must register in the country where it will carry out its first customs operation. Companies from non-EU countries with several permanent establishments in the EU may choose to register in any of the countries where they have an establishment.

THE EORI NUMBER CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS: Country code of the issuing member state (2 letters) ; Unique identifier in the member state (up to 15 alphanumeric characters).

EORI numbers are permanently assigned to economic operators and other persons, but can be invalidated on request or in the event of cessation of activities. After invalidation, registered EORI data is kept for ten years.

Until now, the EORI number in France consisted of the word “FR” followed by the SIRET number. Companies had one EORI per site.

From 2025, companies will have just one EORI, based on the SIREN, for all their sites. This change is designed to comply with European regulations, which stipulate that the EORI must be assigned to a company and not to an establishment.

Once the transition to EORI-SIREN has been finalized, EORI-SIRET will be deactivated and can no longer be used for customs clearance. Goods will be blocked until an EORI in SIREN format is obtained. Companies are therefore advised to apply for an EORI-SIREN as soon as possible to avoid bottlenecks in customs systems and delays in obtaining the number.

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29 May 2024 |

Cargotec starts the sales process of MacGregor

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As announced on 30 April 2024 in conjunction with Cargotec’s interim report January–March 2024, MacGregor has had a dispute related to one and only monopile installation vessel project.

MacGregor and the customer have now settled this dispute.

The settlement will have an approximately EUR 25 million negative impact on MacGregor’s second quarter 2024 operating profit. The costs will be reported as items affecting comparability as the costs are related to a one of its kind pilot project and the product is no longer in MacGregor’s sales portfolio.

Booking of the settlement cost will not impact Cargotec’s outlook on MacGregor’s comparable operating profit for 2024, which was published on 1 February 2024. Cargotec estimates MacGregor’s comparable operating profit in 2024 to improve from 2023 (EUR 33 million).

MacGregor’s core businesses, merchant and services, are performing well. MacGregor’s offshore business’ performance, however, has been overall unsatisfactory. While the traditional offshore solutions business has performed well and it has been profitable, projects related to two new offshore wind solutions have caused losses due to their pilot nature and technical challenges.

MacGregor has therefore now decided to stop offering the monopile installation solution and it is no longer in MacGregor’s sales portfolio. Another offshore wind solution, containing advanced technologies for the servicing of offshore wind turbines, is still a part of MacGregor offering. There are approximately ten of these smaller loss-making offshore pilot projects to be finalised mainly in 2024. MacGregor will not commit to any new pilot projects until all technical challenges are solved.

These actions are the final stage of the restructuring programme to turn around the offshore business. Offshore wind projects represent less than half of MacGregor’s offshore equipment related order book, which amounted to EUR 87 (Q1/23: 134) million at the end of the first quarter 2024.

Cargotec’s Board of Directors decided on 14 November 2022 that MacGregor will not be part of Cargotec’s portfolio in the future. However, from a value creation perspective, the timing for divesting the business was not ideal. Since that, MacGregor’s performance and market conditions have clearly improved, and with the above-described dispute now being settled, Cargotec has decided to proceed with the sale process of MacGregor.

“It is an important milestone for us to reach a settlement with the customer related to the monopile installation vessel project. Our solution is technically advanced but we were unable to reach agreement between the companies on the way forward in the lengthy project. Having the dispute resolved means that we are in an even stronger position than before to further build on our profitability journey,” says Leif Byström, President, MacGregor.

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29 May 2024 |

PCN welcomes INTERFJORD in Denmark and Norway

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PCN are pleased to welcome INTERFJORD as new members in Denmark and Norway.

The ISO certified company are well-versed in project cargo with experienced, friendly and proactive teams.

“INTERFJORD is a well-reputed, dynamic and partner-owned company offering a wide selection of outstanding transport services by road, sea and air.

Our skilled and expert teams are capable of solving the most challenging projects, regardless of size, with tailored solutions.”

Some recent project work handled by INTERFJORD is featured in the gallery below including:Boiler (871 x 353 x 421cm / 48,000kg) from Denmark to France with a short sea solution from Esbjerg to Zeebrugge; Silo (1100 x 441 x 470cm / 11,000kg) from Estonia to Norway by sea then trucking delivery to site; Large unit of equipment from Liberec to France – 968 x 467 x 424cm / 34,000kg; A tank (1230 x 410 x 400cm / 6,500kg) from Germany to the West Coast of Norway by road with special lowbed trailer; Agriculture machine (450 x 290 x 300cm / 10,000kg) from Sweden to Norway by road with special lowbed trailer.

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28 May 2024 |

Successful completion of the “FernBin” research project

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Remote-controlled, coordinated driving in inland navigation: what sounds like the future was the aim of a research project that was recently successfully completed.

The Rhenus Group played a key role in the project and gained many insights for the future of inland shipping.

Successful completion of the “FernBin” research projectSuccessful completion of the “FernBin” research project
The project focused on the Ernst Kramer motor cargo vessel as a test object, which was equipped with numerous cameras and the necessary technical equipment for its new use. This included, for example, lidar technology, which is used to measure distances via laser scanning, as well as devices for controlling the systems and mobile radio transmission. The technology was tested on various practice runs in the port of Duisburg and on the Rhine-Herne Canal. Ten skippers steered the Ernst Kramer from one of the two control stations set up and practiced mooring, casting off, locking, as well as route and maneuvering from a distance. They were able to overcome their initial skepticism about the remote control station and the technology. There was always a crew on board during the voyages so that they could intervene and take over the controls in an emergency.

One reason for the research project was the increasing shortage of skilled workers. Steering an inland waterway vessel from the office during the day and being with the family at the end of the day is a perspective that can make the inland waterway shipping profession more family-friendly and therefore more attractive. Although a reduction in the number of personnel on board is not yet foreseeable, the operating time could be extended by remote control. The technology could also be helpful for training in the future

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28 May 2024 |

WWPC members gathered in Rotterdam

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“Networking is a Peoples´ Business”, says Wolfgang Karau, Director of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), Priority Cargo Network and Quality Cargo Networks, visiting Rotterdam for the Breakbulk Europe 2024.

Organized by Quality Cargo Networks for the third time a dedicated networking reception event brought WWPC and Priority Cargo Network members together in a relaxed atmosphere, facilitating broader industry connections and collaborative discussions. These interactions enable members to explore new business opportunities and strengthen existing partnerships.

“We are happy to see our members are collaborating with each other and deepening their partnerships during these events”, says Wolfgang Karau.

The networking reception was supported by Quality Cargo Networks and Steder Group.

Starting the next day, Quality Cargo Networks exhibited at Breakbulk Europe 2024 exhibition, giving great opportunity to spread information about WWPC and Priority Cargo Network and the members of these networks.

Heavy Cargo News magazine, dedicated to publishing the achievements of WWPC and Priority Cargo network members, was distributed at the exhibition within the visitor bags available for all visitors, as well as at the media points of exhibition halls and the Quality Cargo Networks stand.

Wolfgang Karau states: “At Quality Cargo Networks, we specialize in serving a select group of top brands that offer tailored cargo logistics solutions. With two distinct networks and a news site dedicated to timely cargo news and case studies, we leverage our extensive industry expertise to deliver exceptional service to our valued partners.

Our team of experienced and entrepreneurial project cargo managers possesses a deep understanding of the cargo industry’s nuances. Through our two networks, the specialised forwarding industry can find a comprehensive range of cargo logistics services. We publish network member details for direct use.

We also administer a news website Heavy Cargo News. where we regularly publish timely cargo news and case studies, providing insights into the successful cargo movements done by our network members.”

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28 May 2024 |

ABL shares delight with completion of the Singapore Marine Familiarisation Course

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ABL are delighted to announce the successful completion of this year’s Singapore Marine Familiarisation Course.

This two-day course, conducted in collaboration with ST Engineering Marine – Tuas Yard Singapore, aimed to introduce marine insurance professionals to the practical and technical aspects of ship damage repairs, salvage techniques, and cyber security in the maritime industry.

The event commenced at the ABL offices in Singapore, where participants were welcomed by the ABL directors. The first day’s agenda included a comprehensive presentation on dealing with engine room flooding, followed by a tour of the ST Engineering Marine Tuas Road Shipyard. Participants had the opportunity to observe the shipyard’s advanced capabilities in ship repairs & conversions. The tour provided valuable insights into the intricate maintenance and upgrade processes of various vessels, including dredgers and specialised subsea support vessels.

The second day featured two comprehensive presentations, the first on the future of marine alternative fuels and the decarbonisation push within the maritime sector, followed by cyber security challenges faced in the maritime sector, underscoring the importance of protecting maritime operations in today’s digital age. Following this, participants enjoyed a networking lunch and a tour of Singapore Port and Anchorages on a yacht. This segment provided an in-depth look at one of the world’s busiest and most strategic ports, showcasing its container transshipment operations and extensive anchorage activities.

The programme concluded with a debrief and Q&A session, where participants shared their experiences and insights gained over the two days. The positive feedback highlighted the programme’s effectiveness in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

In 2021, Singapore Port ranked as the world’s busiest container transshipment port, handling approximately 2,000 merchant ships daily. The anchorage around Singapore hosts over 300 vessels at any time, making it a critical hub for global maritime activities. Our collaboration with ST Engineering Marine, a premier shipyard renowned for its customised shipbuilding and repair services, was integral to the success of this programme.

ABL extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants from Singapore, China and Malaysia for their enthusiastic involvement. Special thanks to the ABL team and ST Engineering Marine for their dedicated support.

ABL look forward to continuing our efforts in providing top-notch training and fostering collaboration within the maritime industry.

ABL brings together the deepest pool of multi-disciplinary expertise to support all areas of shipping, from early advisory and technical due diligence, navigational planning, early engineering, vessel design and modifications, through to operations, with surveys, inspections and audits, as well as world-class marine warranty survey, to supporting in the minimising of losses with marine casualty management, salvage and wreck removal, and expert witness work.

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27 May 2024 |

Nooteboom assists with low loader for the Dutch army

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Nooteboom Trailers Service specialises not only in service, damage repairs, and modifications but also in complete overhauls of all brands.

They bring your vehicle up to date.

The Royal Netherlands Army Props Committee (RCKL) transports military equipment from the Historical Collections of the Royal Netherlands Army throughout the country. Within the Netherlands, they primarily manage the transport themselves. One of their trailers, the EURO low loader, recently underwent a significant overhaul. The trailer was expertly dismantled and then rebuilt according to the latest technological standards. This process took us 16 weeks at Nooteboom’s branch in Wijchen.

The renewed low loader is going back to work at the Bernhard Barracks for the first time. For this special occasion, the trailer is loaded with an old Centurion battle tank from the 1950s.

Bob Burks, Nooteboom Sales Manager Service, supervised this project and, along with his team, is satisfied with the end result. The entire chassis has been thoroughly inspected and received a new coating.

Mr. Santes (Chairman of RCKL) smiles broadly as he hears this. He nods and emphasises once again how important the low loader is to their organisation. “It is truly a unique vehicle because it can handle not only normal loads but also extra high loads. In terms of weight, it can carry a lot, allowing us to transport heavier vehicles for the organic army units as well.

This means we don’t need to hire an external party, which saves a significant amount of budget. Especially considering that we drive about 60 to 70 thousand kilometers per year with it.”

Extend the economic lifespan of your trailer as well. Adapt your trailer to the (new) requirements of modern road transport. Think of hydraulic ramps, GSM control, or blasting, thermal spraying, and painting. After an overhaul, your vehicle is as good as new.

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27 May 2024 |

Norsepower’s growth continues as new CEO joins

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One chapter of Norsepower’s remarkable growth story ends and another begins as Mr Tuomas Riski passes his CEO position onto Mr Heikki Pöntynen, who has been a member of Norsepower’s board.

Mr Pöntynen has held several maritime management positions in Finland, China, Hong Kong, and the USA. Norsepower thanks Mr Riski for the significant contribution that he has made over a decade of leadership and welcomes its new CEO to continue the company’s accelerated scaling.

It is with gratitude and optimism that Norsepower announces the resignation of Mr Tuomas Riski as CEO and the appointment of Mr Heikki Pöntynen to the leadership position. It is quite natural that a growth company CEO at some point in time passes on the baton to a follower – and this is what is happening now. The CEO change is ongoing and Mr Pöntynen will now take his position as the CEO of Norsepower. Pöntynen has vast experience in maritime growth companies, which makes him a perfect fit for the current phase of the company.

New CEO Mr Heikki Pöntynen said: “I’m delighted to join the expert Norsepower crew and am eager to throw myself into supporting the Norsepower team to succeed in their ambitious goals. This is a rare opportunity – to build a game-changing company and help in the critical role of reducing emissions from the global shipping industry.”

Chairman of the Board of Norsepower, Mr Erik Floman added: “Tuomas is a true pioneer and has been a superb asset for creating Norsepower; without him, we wouldn’t be the market leader of mechanical sails with a full order book. We want to thank Tuomas for the incredible job he has done. I’m also thrilled that Mr Pöntynen will join the team, bringing his considerable experience from working with companies at a similar phase of growth.”

Before starting at Norsepower, Mr Pöntynen served as a senior executive with Planneri, R&M Group, Rauma Marine Constructions – Rauma Shipyard, Elomatic and MacGregor Group. He also holds an M.Sc. degree and EMBA from Kellogg, Northwestern University-WHU.

Former CEO Tuomas Riski commented: “I’m extremely proud of what Norsepower is today. As a co-founder, I’ve had the privilege to lead our talented team and grow the company from an idea to a proven product. Norsepower is today the global market leader in the business of mechanical sails, shifting the whole maritime industry towards its Net Zero goal.”

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23 May 2024 |

Vestas secures 84 MW repowering order in Austria

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Vestas has received an 84 MW order from BE Energy GmbH, a subsidiary of Burgenland Energie AG, to repower a part of the Neusiedl-Weiden wind energy project in Austria.

Vestas will deliver 14 V150-6.0 MW wind turbines, and the order includes supply, delivery, and commissioning of the turbines.

Upon completion, Vestas will service the turbines under a 25-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement designed to ensure optimised performance of the assets.

“Neusiedl-Weiden is one of Austria’s largest repowering projects to date with 44 older turbines due to be replaced. This underlines the great significance repowering projects can have for the energy transition as fewer and more powerful units will be installed in an already developed location,” states Christoph Manseder, Senior Director, Sales, for Austria & Switzerland at Vestas. “We are grateful to be part of such an important project and look forward to continue our collaboration with BE Energy GmbH.”

Mag. Klaus Maras, Managing Director of BE Energy GmbH, says; „The whole of Burgenland and we as a company can be proud that we are now starting Austria’s largest wind repowering project. We are also relying on new, innovative wind turbines from Vestas for this project and are delighted that we have concluded a supply and maintenance contract. With Vestas, we have a reliable partner at our side to achieve the desired energy independence in Burgenland and are convinced that the desired quality and delivery dates will be met.”

Turbine delivery is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2025 with commissioning scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2025.

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23 May 2024 |

Briggs’ football match raises £9,000 for Liberty Jamboree

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A damp Thursday evening at Hednesford Town Football Club saw the second Briggs Equipment Sales Team vs Suppliers charity football match.

The fixture, organised by National Account Manager, Stuart Long, and Strategic Account Executive, Beth Redfern, was in aid of Liberty Jamboree and at the time of writing has raised over £9,000.00

Liberty Jamboree are a charity that offers support to children and young adults with physical and learning disabilities.

Following a narrow 2-1 defeat last year, Mike Parkin’s Briggs Equipment side were eager to put this behind them and gain victory in the first meeting involving spectators. The dream start which they would have hoped for took a hit when the Suppliers took an early lead through a defensive mix up, however with the crowd giving them some much needed motivation, Briggs quickly pulled level through Dave Pomfrett.

After going behind again shortly after, Briggs were handed a penalty by the referee to draw back on level terms. Dave Pomfrett stepped up and slotted away his second of the night coolly, sending the keeper the wrong way and sending us into the break all square.

After a half time Liberty Jamboree penalty shootout, we were set for the second half, hoping for even more goals. All spectators got as they wished as there were another two goals scored, with Dave Pomfrett rounding off with a hat-trick to put the score at 3-3.

Playing a full 90 minute match is a big ask if you are not used to doing it on a regular basis and players were visibly tired by the closing stages of the match. With a late corner in the match, the ball was played to the edge of the box where Stuart Long found himself with enough time and space to compose himself and fire home a strike worthy of winning any game.

Stuart Long, National Account Manager, Briggs Sales captain, and event organiser, said:“What a fantastic evening, the turnout was excellent and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. To win the game was a nice added bonus.

“The real victory is the impact we’re making off the field. This game brought us together for a cause which is so deserving and I’m incredibly proud of my team and everyone who contributed to this wonderful charity.
Strategic Account Executive, Beth Redfern, added:

“Everybody at Liberty Jamboree is delighted with how the evening played out. All of the money raised will make such a difference for all of the children and young adults that we aim to support.

“Thank you to everybody who attended, from players, to spectators, to suppliers, we all played our part in creating a wonderful evening which we can all be proud of.”

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23 May 2024 |

ESA offers space at the 7R Park Tczew III complex

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Project Logistics Alliance is happy to announce that ESA logistika, representing Poland in the network, is currently offering warehouse space at the newly constructed 7R Park Tczew III complex.

This strategically located facility is in close proximity to the critical seaports of Gdynia and Gdańsk, and the A1 motorway, making it an ideal hub for distributing products across the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

The warehouse is fully operational and boasts a net height of 12.5 meters, providing sufficient space for all kinds of goods. Additionally, the available storage space is equipped with highly skilled staff, cutting-edge infrastructure like the BMS media management system, DALI lighting, and specialized machinery facilitating the pallet-free unloading and smooth handling of goods. The warehouse offers a wide range of services for existing customers, including Panasonic Heating and Cooling Solutions Europe.

ESA logistika is experienced in providing conventional fourth-party logistics (4PL) services as well as project logistics. The addition of the new warehouse space shows the ESA logistika team’s commitment to growing as a reliable logistics services provider in the CEE region and beyond.

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23 May 2024 |

Seaway Ventus installs its first WTGs

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Last week marked a significant milestone for Seaway7 as the new build installation vessel Seaway Ventus successfully installed its first Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs).

The first turbine was completed on Tuesday afternoon on Ørsted’s Gode Wind 3 project, in cooperation with the WTG manufacturer Siemens Gamesa who provides installation crew and equipment onboard.

Situated 32 kilometres from the coast in the German North Sea, the turbine stands tall in 30 meters water depth, with the hub height measuring 126 meters and the rotor blades spanning 97 meters each.

Camilla V.P. Klejs, turbine installation delivery manager for Seaway7 said: “The delivery of the fully mobilised vessel to our client, and the installation of the first wind turbines is the result of more than three and a half years of careful consideration and design optimisations from a very dedicated team in the newbuild phase, as well as more than two years of planning from our project team”.

For Seaway7, renowned for its expertise in foundations and cable laying, this latest development heralds an exciting chapter as they expand their capabilities to encompass wind turbine installation.

The jack-up installation vessel recently arrived in North Europe and is amongst the most capable jack-ups in the current market. It is capable of lifting components up to 207 meters above sea level and can operate in water depths up to 65 meters. For this project, the vessel is carrying components for four complete 11MW WTGs on each trip.

The Seaway Ventus will continue installing turbines on the Gode Wind 3 project before transitioning to Borkum Riffgrund 3, which Orsted is building concurrently. Contracted for a fixed period, Seaway Ventus is working alongside Cadeler’s newly upgraded vessel Wind Osprey to install the 106 Siemens Gamesa’s SG 11.0-200 DD wind turbines.

Maria Eidesvik, VP Europe and US for Seaway7 said:“As we celebrate this milestone, Seaway7 reaffirms its position as a leading tier one contractor in offshore wind – now offering the complete value chain in the construction of offshore wind farms. This achievement underscores the collective expertise of our dedicated colleagues in Seaway7 and the good collaboration we have with our client Ørsted and with the turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa. We look forward to continuing this strong partnership to ensure the safe and efficient completion of the projects.”

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22 May 2024 |

Kalmar and Uniport Livorno conclude agreement

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Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has concluded an agreement with Uniport Srl. to supply three Kalmar TR618i heavy terminal tractors.

The order was booked in Cargotec’s Q2 2024 order intake, and the machines are scheduled to be delivered during Q4 of 2024.

Founded in 1980 as Unicoop, Uniport Livorno is located in the Port of Livorno in northwest Tuscany. It is one of Italy’s largest seaports and handles a variety of vessel types including RoRo ferries, cruise ships and various types of cargo vessels. The fleet at Uniport Livorno has included Kalmar T2i terminal tractors for a number of years.

The new heavy terminal tractors will be delivered with cabin air suspension, an optional feature to increase comfort for operators during shifts.

Jari Defilicaia, President, Uniport Livorno: “We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Kalmar. The new heavy terminal tractors will play a vital role in achieving our business growth goals and allow us to continue to provide safe, high-quality and reliable service for our many customers.”

Stefano Vero, Solutions Sales Representative, Kalmar Italy: “This agreement demonstrates our commitment to listening closely to our customers’ needs and delivering solutions that match them perfectly. The reliability of our terminal tractors and the quality of our after-sales service together with our ability to deliver tailored solutions have all played an important part in securing this order. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Uniport Livorno long into the future.”

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22 May 2024 |

KGE transports steam boilers to Kazakhstan

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KGE Baltic were recently nominated to transport four BOSCH steam boilers from Gunzenhauzen, Germany to Zhanatas, Kazakhstan.

The dimensions of each unit measured 8.0 (L) x 3.5 (W) x 3.9 (H) meters with a weight of 44,600 kilograms.

Total transit time for this project was around 35 days including border crossings.

Initially loaded on a low-bed truck in Germany, the cargo travelled overseas via an Italian port, and then took a southern route through GE/AZ by RO-RO on MAFI/low-bed trailers.

Afterwards, the steam boilers were pre-carried through Azerbaijan until arrival at the Port of Kurik, Kazakhstan. Land transport was utilised hereafter and the cargo was delivered to the final destination in Zhanatas – around 4,000 kilometers in-land from KZ Port.

“After a wet season and floodings in the Caspian, we managed to move this cargo when conditions improved.”
KGE provided their customer with complete daily tracking, resulting in satisfactory feedback from the client.

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21 May 2024 |
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