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ABL sad to report the passing of founding member

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It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Capt. John Mervyn Jones, who died peacefully in his sleep on 22nd September 2022.

John had been suffering from cancer for some time.

John was one of the founder members of legacy ABL company London Offshore Consultants, along with Stuart Tait, David Pockett and Richard Martin. Originally with Noble Denton and Associates, they left NDA to start LOC in London in late 1978.

John was Managing Director of the new company and under his guidance and steady hand, the organisation grew from the founding four, located in a small office above a dry-cleaning shop, to become an international business with over 120 staff located in offices in 10 countries by the time of John’s departure from LOC in 2001. Subsequently, John went on to be the Managing Director of the Bahamas Maritime Authority, until his retirement from full-time work in the mid-2000s.

John is survived by his wife Marion, to whom we extend our deepest sympathies at this difficult time.

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29 September 2022 |

MS Global moves press machine to Malaysia

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MS Global Freight Solution, Project Logistics Alliance member from Malaysia, recently moved 115 tons of hydraulic press machines from Nantong Port, China, to Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, under the door.

Careful planning was required due to the weight of the unit. The 400-kilometer distance from Port Klang to Pasir Gudang took two full. Since the total length of the multi-axle trailer was 26 metres, turning at the 4 corners inside the consignee’s premises was quite challenging. Team MS Global also conducted a site survey and advised the consignee to cover drains with steel plates to ensure an incident-free delivery.

MS Global Freight Solution Sdn Bhd, located in Port Klang, Johor Bharu (Pasir Gudang), and Penang, Malaysia, can handle sea and air heavy lift project cargo from/to Malaysia, including East Malaysia (Borneo Island). They provide feasibility study, road survey, method of statement, execution, and supervision of packing, transportation, loading, lashing, unloading and placement at the consignee’s site. They arrange breakbulk, RORO vessels, open top, and flat rack containers. MS Global also maintains a close relationship with many vessel operators.

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29 September 2022 |

Bollore Vietnam holds donation program for underprivileged students

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In late August, more than 35 volunteers from our Vietnam team donated books and school supplies to Phu Dien Primary and Secondary School.

Despite being in a remote area of Dong Thap province, the school provides access to education and training for more than 300 children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Can TRIEU, QHSE Assistant Manager who was also the key organizer of this program, said, “The objective of this book donation program was to help broaden students’ perspectives by increasing the variety of books they have access to and instilling good reading habits in them. We noticed that classroom books were the only source of knowledge for the students here and we hope that by providing different books for them, they will be able to widen their minds.”

More than 600 books and school supplies, old and new, were contributed by team members of Bolloré Logistics Vietnam and given to the school children there. During the visit, the team also taught the students how to maintain the books in good condition so that others can also share that book. In addition to playing games, gifts such as stationery and cakes to celebrate mid-autumn festival were given to the children too.

“The visit to the school was truly a humbling experience for me. I am glad that our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team organized this book donation program as I could sense the gratitude the students had for us when we interacted with them. I look forward to contributing more to future initiatives like this,” said one of the Bolloré Logistics Vietnam volunteers, Loan Co Huong, Air Export Manager.

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29 September 2022 |

Huisman and Fred. Olsen sign MoU

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Fred. Olsen 1848 and Huisman have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a Floating Maintenance Solution that aims to solve the challenge of major component exchange at a floating wind site.

Fred. Olsen 1848 has innovated a complete solution and operational procedure for major component exchange for floating wind turbines. To develop the crane required for such operation, Fred. Olsen 1848 turned to Huisman, a company specialised in tailor made lifting solutions. The complete solution enables the exchange of turbine components at the offshore site and further removes the need for dynamic lifts when performing the component exchange offshore, which are both expensive and entails high operational risk.

Sofie Olsen Jebsen, CEO Fred. Olsen 1848: “Innovation and collaboration are key to realising commercial development of floating offshore wind. We have worked to solve the maintenance challenge in floating wind by building on the decade-long experience with O&M operations from our sister-companies Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and Global Wind Service. The present floating wind component exchange solutions are too costly in terms of assets required, downtime of the turbine and available weather windows. We believe the Floating Maintenance Solution will be a game-changer in the market and can enable the industrialisation of floating offshore wind.”

David Roodenburg, Chief Executive Officer at Huisman: “We are thankful that Fred. Olsen 1848 has selected us as their partner for realising their ambition to accelerate the maturity of the floating wind market. The combination of Fred. Olsen 1848’s dedication to innovate and the Fred. Olsen related companies’ extensive experience in O&M operations, together with Huisman’s capabilities in designing and building cranes to specific client needs has led to this unique crane setup.”

The Floating Maintenance Solution has already attracted the interest of several large floating offshore wind developers. The development of the solution is now entering a new phase where the next milestone is to conclude a detailed project FEED study with the aim of bringing the solution into operation before the end of this decade.

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29 September 2022 |

PCN announces AL-Marasi as members in Iraq

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PCN are pleased to announce Al-Marasi International are new members in Iraq.

The company is 15 years old, and their project logistics services include complete management, route surveys & heavy lift engineering, OOG cargo handling & transport, warehousing, customs clearance and governmental assistance. They are ISO certified with locations in Basra and Baghdad.

Managing Director, Ali Majid Sabah: “The Al-Marasi team consists of an experienced group of logistics experts working together to offer well-designed solutions for the diverse tasks required for the successful management, control and execution of project cargo. Covering all modes of transport from sea, land, air and multimodal, we now have a long history of dealing with different types of abnormal and OOG cargo for various industries including large power plant projects with generators & transformers, oil field equipment & turbines, heavy machinery, agricultural cargo and vehicles.”

“All cargo is handled with the maximum care and the highest level of efficiency and safety, always following a well-prepared plan based on extensive studying of cargo requirements & specifications, HSE rules, route surveys and engineering reports.”

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28 September 2022 |

Mammoet announces fixed configuration for the SK6, 000

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Mammoet has announced a fixed jib configuration for the SK6,000 that will allow offshore wind developers to reach deeper waters and significantly cut the cost of floating wind assembly.

Fixed bottom turbines and their foundations are growing fast, so that projects can be built further from the coast where winds are stronger and greater yields can be achieved. As a result, jackets and monopiles are reaching both the height and weight capacity of the world’s largest cranes.

As the industry moves towards 20MW turbines, floating wind components continue to grow in size and weight. This increases the need for a modular approach, to speed up the construction process and allow developers to install more floating turbines in reduced weather windows.

With the launch of the SK6,000, Mammoet is providing the next generation crane needed to install next generation turbines. Now, with its existing, patented, fixed jib configuration, lifts of 3,000 tonnes at 220m height become a reality.

What’s more, this new configuration means that the crane can load out floating foundations using its main boom, then immediately use its fixed jib to assemble the turbine tower. No reconfiguration will be necessary between scopes, further improving build efficiency.

Mammoet technical expert Jeremy Haylock explains:“We don’t look at the SK as ‘just’ a crane, but we look at it as a system as well. If you look at the SK of today compared to when it was first launched, it has evolved considerably.

This isn’t a surprise because it was always the basis of our original design philosophy, and we wanted to develop a product that would be scalable and agile. Because the world is developing so quickly, and the changes around us are so vast, our aim was to deliver a product that would allow us to grow in real time with our customers”.

The SK6,000 fixed jib is just the latest evolution in a crane series that allows small adjustments to have a large affect on performance, avoiding the need to research, develop and fabricate an entirely new crane.

Haylock continues: “As with every part of the SK, when we developed the fixed jib, we wanted to include room for growth. With the SK6,000 jib we are employing that additional capacity through small adjustments to the original design.

The fixed jib is fully forward and backward compatible through the SK series, meaning our customers can realize its potential, regardless of the application.”

The new jib design will be incorporated into future Mammoet offshore wind project proposals, for deployment to a suitable project at the first possible opportunity.

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28 September 2022 |

EXG completes transportation to Bangladesh

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Express Global Logistics (EXG), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, successfully completed the movement of galvanised transmission line towers and parts for one of the largest infrastructure construction companies.

The 4740 tons of transmission line towers were shipped via six barge trips. The total distance covered for each lot from the shipper’s works to the final site in Bangladesh was about 3110 km.

The transport at origin had various challenges and one of the major ones was arranging 207 trailers for the movement of cargo from shipper’s works to the port without any delays as the barging windows at load port were short and precise. EXG seamlessly completed export clearance, port handling, loading on a barge at origin so as to avoid any vessel detention or port storage charges. The loading on barges was done under the supervision of EXG’s well experienced team ensuring no damage to the cargo. A swift discharge at Bangladesh due to timely import documentation and clearance ensured smooth port handling and delivery at the final site by EXG’s team.

The successful delivery was possible only as a result of extensive and precise transport planning. Seamless handling of bundled cargo was done to maximize the space on the barges ensuring absolute stability for sea voyages.

The thorough sequencing of cargo while loading ensured smooth and proper segregation of cargo to the destination as the deliveries were planned to more than nine separate locations across Bangladesh.

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27 September 2022 |
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