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GAC signs up to Eyesea initiative

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Global shipping, logistics and marine services provider GAC Group has announced its membership of maritime pollution reporting and mapping initiative Eyesea.

With the support of the shipping and maritime industries, Eyesea have developed a smartphone app through which users can submit geotagged photographs to report hazards and pollution in coastal areas, littoral waters, and the ‘blue water’ ocean.

GAC’s support for Eyesea is in-line with the Group’s recently unveiled Roadmap to Sustainability, which sets out its commitment to adapt, reduce and mitigate its activities. This Roadmap aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 – Life Below Water, which must be measured by all GAC companies, and also commits GAC to supporting the Ocean Race and UN Environmental Programme’s CleanSeas initiative.

Neil Godfrey, Group Commercial Director for Shipping at GAC said: “Eyesea have developed a simple and effective way for companies involved in the maritime sector to play a critical part in improving the health and conservation of our oceans.”

“GAC people all over the world care deeply about the sustainability of the seas, which play such an integral part in their professional lives. It was obvious when we were approached by Eyesea that we would support the initiative, which we believe is unique in its unification of many elements of the maritime community to fight marine pollution. We’re excited that the data we collect will play a part in helping them map pollution and formulate plans to address it. It’s so much more than a box-ticking exercise and a perfect fit with our Group sustainability ethos and objectives.”

Graeme Somerville-Ryan, Eyesea’s initiator, added: “As a founding member of Eyesea, GAC has supported us from the start. Neil Godfrey, and Communications Manager – Europe & Africa, Lynne Clarke, are Ambassadors and their time, experience and amplification of the Eyesea message has been key in the acceleration of our progress to date.”

Eyesea is a non-profit organisation which comprises a wide range of representatives of the shipping and maritime community. After successful testing on board commercial vessels and amongst community volunteers and recreational boat users, the app is now available to download to anyone interested in playing a part in effectively tackling maritime pollution.

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5 August 2021 |

Sarens called to project in Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan Natural Gas Conversion Power Plant Project called upon Sarens to offload and transport 21 heavy and OOG components from KCOI port, Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Sarens had to plan for the project keeping in mind the difficult terrain, sharp turns, bridges, descents and ascents on the roads, and the transport rules of Uzbekistan. The team decided to use;Trailer Kamag K25 4No. 20 Axles & 8No. Truck, Trailer Kamag K25 3No. 10 Axles & 3No. Truck MAN, 14No. Low bed trailer,CC4000 (650T).

The equipment was transported on-site in 10 days. The CC4000 offloaded the OTSG, transformer modules and other heavy components at the KCOI port, Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan and placed on Sarens SPMTs.

The load lifted and transported included; OTSG Module OTSG: 4 Units each measuring 15,77×4,15×4,15m and weighing 185,5T, Transformer 110/140 MWA: 7x3x4m and weighing 108T, Transformer 100/110 MWA: 7×2.45x4m and weighing 99T, Transformer 50/62,5 MWA: 6×2.4×3.5m and weighing 80T, Inlet Plenum Assembly OTSG – 1: 4 Units each measuring 14.64×4.22×4.69m and weighing 27.7T, Exhaust Hood OTSG – 1: 4 Units each measuring 14.64×3.92×4.2m and weighing 22.6T, Inlet Transition Duct Assembly OTSG – 1: 2 Units each measuring 7.22×4.22×4.53m and weighing 17.9T, Inlet Transition Duct Assembly OTSG – 2: 2 Units each measuring 7.22×4.22×4.53m and weighing 18T, Crane Girders: 2 Units each measuring 28.2×1.5mx1.63m and weighing 16T.

The heavy components were safely transported from the KCOI port in Kazakhstan for the Uzbekistan Natural Gas Conversion Power Plant Project to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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5 August 2021 |

DEME takes ‘Spartacus’ delivery from Royal IHC

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DEME has taken delivery of its giant new cutter suction dredger ‘Spartacus’ from Dutch shipyard Royal IHC.

With the signing of the handover, taking place on August 3, the construction process officially comes to an end and the vessel will now head to its first project in Egypt.

‘Spartacus’ sets a new benchmark in the global dredging market. Its groundbreaking, eco-friendly design and countless innovations on board make it one of a kind. ‘Spartacus’ is the world’s largest and most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredge and also the first able to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

With a total installed power of 44,180 kW, its production capacity and ability to cut hard soil are unmatched in the industry. The four main engines can run on Low Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, as well as LNG, and the two auxiliary engines have dual-fuel technology. The CSD also has a waste heat recovery system that converts the heat from the engines’ exhaust gases into electrical energy.

The heavy cutter ladder, able to be controlled and operated from the bridge by a single person, can operate up to a dredging depth of 45 m.

‘Spartacus’ will immediately set sail for its first assignment in Abu Qir, Egypt, whereby it will participate, alongside many of DEME’s trailing suction hopper dredgers, in the largest dredging and land reclamation project ever in DEME’s history. This vast greenfield project includes the reclamation of 1,000 hectares of new land, the deepening of the port’s approach channel to 23 m and the dredging of a turning basin to 22 m. DEME expects to dredge an enormous volume of more than 150 million m3 during the course of the project.

Luc Vandenbulcke, CEO DEME Group, emphasises: “‘Spartacus’ not only sets new standards in the dredging sector, this extraordinary vessel highlights DEME’s continual drive to pioneer, innovate and create opportunities. This willingness to keep pushing the boundaries and invest in our fleet, means that projects that were unfeasible before are now possible with ‘Spartacus’. I sincerely congratulate all the teams involved for their commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence during this challenging construction process.”

Gerben Eggink, CEO Royal IHC: “‘Spartacus’ has been one of the most challenging projects Royal IHC has ever undertaken. Now that it has been completed and we can hand over the ‘Spartacus’ to DEME, we are very proud of this ship. I would like to thank DEME for the good cooperation between our two companies and compliment the teams of both DEME and Royal IHC for the exceptional perseverance they have shown. We are confident to have delivered DEME a ship that is ready to take on any challenge and with which many progressive projects can be carried out.”

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5 August 2021 |

Volga-Dnepr talks conversion plans with Airbus

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On 22nd July 2021, a Volga-Dnepr delegation headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aleksey Ivanovich Isaikin, held a meeting with Airbus’s top management which was facilitated by the MAKS 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon.

During the meeting Alexey Ivanovich was acquainted with Wouter Van Wesche, Executive President in the European Region, Airbus, who hosted the delegates on board Airbus’s A350-1000. The meeting allowed for an understanding of the technological advantages of the aircraft, and provided a forum for discussion on the launch program for A350 freighter conversions, as a wide-body cargo aircraft solution. The A350 is distinguished by a number of innovative technologies, including a wing design that helps the aircraft to automatically adapt to certain flight phases, which allows for improved aerodynamics and fuel economics. The fuselage of the aircraft is made of carbon fibre, which, together with the technological design of the aircraft can reduce fuel consumption by 25% compared to other aircraft in the same category. A significant advantage of a A350 freighter will also be in compliance with the new requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on noise and emissions, which will come into force in 2028.

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5 August 2021 |

Gebrüder Weiss commits to Hyperloop project

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As an official logistics partner, Gebrüder Weiss supports the “Swissloop Tunneling” research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

The ETH team is involved in the further technical development of the Hyperloop high-speed transport system. With a sponsored land and sea transport from Dübendorf in Switzerland to Las Vegas, Gebrüder Weiss is ensuring that the research team can participate in September at Not-A-Boring Competition, “Can you beat the snail,” with its high-tech drilling robot. The Hyperloop competition will involve drilling a tunnel as quickly and accurately as possible.

The idea behind the Hyperloop project, based on a concept developed by Elon Musk, is to transport people and goods over shorter distances through tunnels under or above the earth’s surface to their destination at high speed. To make tunneling financially viable, the drilling robots required must be as fast, compact and automated as possible. The conditions set by Elon Musk for the high-tech scientific race in Las Vegas are challenging. As a reference, for drift velocity, he has specified the speed of a snail, which should be surpassed if possible.

“As a provider of future-oriented logistics solutions, we have to start thinking today about how we can ensure the freight mobility of tomorrow under economically feasible conditions. The Hyperloop project may still seem somewhat exotic to us today, but it promises feasible solutions for the mobility requirements of the future,” says Lothar Thoma, Managing Director Air & Sea at Gebrüder Weiss.

Stefan Kaspar, founder and co-president of Swissloop Tunneling said, “Questioning existing transport systems for people and goods and looking for feasible alternatives – our vision is nothing less than to revolutionize tunneling and help a technology achieve its breakthrough. With the logistical support of Gebrüder Weiss, our vision is one step closer to becoming reality.”

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4 August 2021 |

Duo assists Logistics Plus with confidential delivery

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Logistics Plus, Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation and Mammoet joined forces for a recent gas tank project at a confidential location.

There were a total of six gas tanks transported, each weighing 110 metric tons. In total, 3,735 freight tons were successfully delivered. Logistics Plus Global Projects Director Bahadir Erdil commented on the success of this project. “Joining forces with Mammoet for this project was a no-brainer. With our shared expertise and experience, we completed this project timely and to our client’s exact specifications.”

Logistics Plus represents China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, while Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation represents Uzbekistan in The Project Logistics Alliance.

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4 August 2021 |
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