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Hemisphere acquires two divisions of Magnus Group

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Hemisphere Freight Services are set to purchase the warehousing and freight forwarding elements of Magnus Group after it was announced that the group was intending to appoint administrators.

The acquisition will see Hemisphere Freight Services take on Magnus Group’s warehousing and forwarding divisions, as well as all associated operational staff.

The agreement aims to minimise business disruption to Magnus’ clients, as well as provide continuous employment to their warehousing and forwarding team members. As part of the arrangement, Hemisphere will also take over circa 200,000 sq ft of warehousing space at Magnus Group’s Great Blakenham facility,

Twenty-five jobs will be saved as a result of the agreement, which was one of the key priorities for Hemisphere’s board of directors ahead of the proposal to take over the business.

Andy Perrin, Hemisphere’s Managing Director, said; “It’s always hard to see a fellow family-run business go into administration, especially after decades of successful trading and becoming so well-respected within the local community. Our sincere condolences go out to everyone affected at what must be an incredibly difficult time.

This is a sad reflection of the current state of the industry and economic conditions, and our offer to acquire the warehousing and forwarding elements of the business was, above all else, an attempt to safeguard the employment and ensure the wellbeing of as many of Magnus Group’s team members as possible – particularly in the run-up to Christmas, when many households are feeling the strain.

We are incredibly excited to be able to welcome the new team members to the Hemisphere family and to strengthen the exceptional service we’ve always offered our clients.”

The purchase of the two Magnus Group divisions comes at an exciting time for Hemisphere Freight Services as they prepare to open a new multi-million pound warehouse on the Suffolk Port One Logistics Park development (read more).

The site is set for build and completion by Q1 2024, and will enable the business to provide 34,750 racked pallet locations, which stack nine levels high, and an additional 8,000 bulk loaded pallets on floors and mezzanines.

Hemisphere’s Director, Craig Perrin, has said that the acquisition comes at a pivotal moment in the business’ growth: “This deal creates the opportunity to add some fantastic people to our team, as well as add a number of new clients to our portfolio, enabling us to demonstrate our exceptional customer service and form new relationships which will hopefully last for many years to come. The priority for us is to minimise disruption on both sides and ensure that Magnus Group’s current client base is well informed and well taken care of throughout this process.
Hemisphere’s team will utilise warehousing space in Great Blakenham for six months in the build up to their new Port One site, before transitioning the business to the new site immediately upon completion.

The Hemisphere team has thanked Magnus Group’s suppliers for their cooperation and willingness to help get the agreement over the line, along with The Access Group, Kennedy Wilson and Larking Gowen. The team has also praised their solicitors, Keystone Law, as well as Ellisons, who have worked on behalf of Magnus Group, for making the process as seamless as possible.

Louis Perrin, Director at Hemisphere, added: “At our core we are a family business, which has grown into a major logistics provider, and our growing success is largely attributed to our amazingly dedicated team. With us welcoming 25 new employees across the warehousing and forwarding sectors, we see this as a significant enhancement to our abilities to service both our existing and new clients alike.”

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12 December 2023 |

MacGregor to supply Hoegh

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MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has been selected to supply comprehensive packages of RoRo equipment for an additional four multi-fuel and zero-carbon ready Aurora class Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs) for Höegh Autoliners.

This will extend Höegh Autoliners’ Aurora class newbuilding program to twelve vessels, all of which will be built by China Merchant Heavy Industries (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

The significant order is booked into Cargotec’s 2023 fourth quarter order intake and the vessels will be delivered between the second quarter 2026 and the first half of 2027.

The Aurora class will be the future of the PCTC industry with capabilities to transport up to 9,100 cars and by being the world’s largest and most environmentally friendly car carrier. The class will have DNV’s ammonia and methanol ready notations. MacGregor’s scope of supply encompasses design, supply and installation support for a large stern quarter ramp and for a door, a side ramp and a door, internal ramp systems, and liftable car decks on all four vessels.

“Höegh Autoliners has a clear commitment towards a more sustainable future and we are pleased that they have chosen to continue collaborating with us moving towards safer, more efficient and eco-efficient shipping,” says Magnus Sjöberg, Senior Vice President, Merchant Solutions, MacGregor.

“We are very pleased to be continuing our partnership with MacGregor. Our Aurora newbuilding program is a definitive step in our commitment to a net zero emissions future by 2040, and MacGregor’s world leading technology and expertise will benefit our operations and ensure that the Aurora vessels are built to the highest standards. It is our ambition to be the preferred green partner in deep sea shipping, and we are committed to building a more sustainable future,” says Andreas Enger, CEO of Höegh Autoliners.

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12 December 2023 |

Cosmatos transports heavy silos in Greece

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The project experts from Cosmatos Shipping Services, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Greece, got to manage another demanding transportation of four heavy and outsized silos in Greece.

The Cosmatos team leader explained: “We planned and executed the intermodal road/sea transport from the Salcon site at Thessaloniki city limits to Thessaloniki Port. Then by chartered Ro-Ro ferry to Soussaki Port and overland till final delivery to Motor Oil site. We went high and wide this time with three silos of 16.5×7.7×8.1 m and 36 ton each, and one silo of 19.95×4.22×4.55 m and a weight of 52 ton.”

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11 December 2023 |

DEME and FARIA enter agreement

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DEME and Greek renewable energy developer and independent power producer FARIA Renewables have signed a cooperation agreement to explore opportunities and co-develop offshore wind farms in Greece.

Recognising the unique potential for growth in the offshore wind industry in the Mediterranean Sea and the evolving market, both companies aim to play a significant role in the region.

Offshore wind technology is viewed as crucial for achieving global goals towards zero emissions. In support of these goals, the Greek government recently announced the draft ‘National Offshore Wind Farms Development Programme’ which is overseen by the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA). The programme defines eligible Organised Development Areas and estimates a capacity of approximately 4.9 GW of offshore wind projects that can be developed in the mid-term (up to 2030-2032), excluding the marine area between Evros-Samothraki which is designated for pilot offshore wind farm projects. As well as this, the programme estimates that a capacity of around 12.4 GW could be developed in the longer term (after 2030-2032).

DEME and FARIA Renewables will join forces, drawing upon their extensive track records and expertise, to comprehensively assess Greece’s maritime area, identifying optimal sites for offshore wind farm development. They will conduct in-depth research and exploration, engaging with stakeholders and local communities. Simultaneously, they will support and create synergies with the domestic supply chain, ultimately developing successful and competitive projects.

Thalia Valkouma, President and Chief Executive Officer at FARIA Renewables, stated: “I am thrilled to announce our cooperation with DEME, one of the world’s leading offshore wind companies with operating projects and projects under development globally. We are confident that this partnership will leverage the capabilities and experience of both companies, working together towards a sustainable and greener future. Our involvement in the development of offshore wind projects is now taking a significant step forward, and we are excited to contribute to the mid- and long-term expansion of the offshore wind sector in our country, helping Greece achieve its goals and transforming into a major energy producer and exporter. Our targets for green and sustainable renewable energy as a means to fight climate change and reduce CO2 emissions are now closer to being achieved.”

Dimitris Kintsakis, Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer at FARIA Renewables, added: “We are very satisfied with our cooperation with DEME in the offshore wind market. We share the same values and have the same appetite and willingness to contribute to the effort for a greener society. The announcement of the agreement with DEME demonstrates FARIA Renewables’ commitment to the offshore wind market. The ability, experience and methodological approach of both companies can provide added value to the evolving Greek offshore wind market, play an important role in the country’s transition to an energy hub, and support the Greek economy across various supply chain sectors.”

Kristof van loon, General Manager at DEME Concessions, commented: “DEME is delighted to be contributing to the development of Greece’s offshore wind market, which we believe holds immense potential. As the world’s leading offshore wind contractor, we possess a proven track record spanning over two decades. DEME’s in-house expertise and extensive collaborations with industry leaders across Europe, Asia, and the US make us a valuable partner in this endeavor. Teaming up with FARIA Renewables, a company that shares our commitment to a sustainable future and recognises offshore wind as a cornerstone of Greece’s clean energy transition, is an exciting step forward.”

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11 December 2023 |

Rhenus achieves ISO certification for medical device transport

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Rhenus Air & Ocean UK has achieved the prestigious ISO 13485 certification with 100 per cent compliance.

The ISO 13485 certification is critical to the transportation and handling of medical devices, including in-body equipment.

Rhenus achieves prestigious IS0 13485 certification for medical device transportRhenus achieves prestigious IS0 13485 certification for medical device transport
Marie-Louise Watkins, Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare North-West Europe, and Spencer Davern, Managing Director Rhenus Air & Ocean UK, receive the ISO 13485 certification with 100 per cent compliance.

An international standard, ISO 13485 details the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system, ensuring that businesses working with the medical devices industry adhere and comply with the highest standards in the life sciences and healthcare sector. The certification, a globally recognised hallmark of excellence, demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality management systems specific to the medical device industry.

“Receiving the ISO 13485 certification is a testament to our continuous commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and safety in the medical device industry, reflecting our dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers,” said Spencer Davern, Managing Director of Rhenus Air & Ocean UK. “We were also delighted to achieve a perfect 100 per cent compliance score – a remarkable feat for a first-time certification.”

Located close to London Heathrow Airport, the Ashford, Middlesex facility specializes in Life Sciences and Healthcare. Launched in 2022, it is the first warehouse of its kind in Europe for the Rhenus Group. The specialist facility is an all-inclusive solution for import and export logistics, offering a white glove service for temperature-controlled storage and distribution from end to end.

“The ISO 13485 certification not only demonstrates our commitment to quality but also positions us as a reliable partner in the medical device industry. It is a recognition of our dedication to customer satisfaction, risk management, and international standards,” added Stephan Duelk, Global Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare, Rhenus Air & Ocean.

Reflecting its global commitment to delivering high quality services and products across its entire life sciences and healthcare network, the ISO 13485 certification is also held by Rhenus warehouses in several key locations including Strasbourg, Berlin, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Tilburg.

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11 December 2023 |

Klusekamp takes delivery of Tadano HK 4.050-1

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Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you give to yourself.

That’s probably what Peter Klüsekamp was thinking when he “treated himself to” a brand-new Tadano HK 4.050‑1 to mark the 10th anniversary of his crane services company, Autokrane Peter Klüsekamp, based in Büren, Germany. He recently took delivery of the new crane from Tadano sales manager Helge Prüfer.

Peter Klüsekamp put a lot of time and effort into choosing his “gift”, ultimately opting for the HK 4.050‑1 to replace his Tadano HK 40. It was a carefully reasoned decision, as he explains: “Firstly, this crane is just as maneuverable on its four axles as a three-axle all-terrain crane. And secondly, it boasts outstanding lifting capacities. That makes it the perfect workhorse for us in our main area of business, prefabricated house construction.” He was also sold on the Tadano HK 4.050‑1’s impressive cost-effectiveness: its standard Volvo truck chassis with conventional truck tires makes for low operating costs. The same goes for its ability to carry up to 4.5 tonnes of counterweight on public roads nationwide without a permit. Other budget-friendly features include the fact that the carrier, being a standard truck chassis, is by design less prone to wear and can use affordably priced standard spare parts. The HK is also backed by excellent after-sales support on two fronts. “Volvo offers nationwide support for the standard truck chassis, and with Tadano, top-notch service is simply a given,” Klüsekamp explains, speaking from experience as a long-standing Tadano partner.

When it came to optional extras for his shiny new HK 4.050‑1, Klüsekamp didn’t stop at the boom-head camera; he also ordered the sleeping cabin. “For our prefabricated house construction customers, we work at sites all over Germany,” he explains. “So, during the working week, the HK 4.050-1 often doubles as our home away from home.” And the new HK 4.050-1 certainly didn’t have to wait long for its first assignments; no sooner had it been handed over than it was out on the job, erecting its first prefabricated buildings. As expected, the HK 4.050-1 proved totally reliable, completing its debut assignments without a hitch.

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7 December 2023 |

Kalmar expands its global delivery capability

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Kalmar, part of Cargotec, is to begin production of its electric reachstacker and Essential forklift truck range at the company’s Shanghai manufacturing plant.

The production launch was celebrated at a themed ‘Electrify & Expand’ event on 6th December with customers and dealer representatives.

Kalmar’s Shanghai plant opened in 2005 and manufactures a wide range of high-end cargo handling equipment including reachstackers, empty container handlers and terminal tractors. The plant is located at the south-eastern tip of Shanghai close to one of the world’s busiest ports and serves customers in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America, Oceania and Middle East regions.

The Kalmar electric reachstacker, which offers lifting capacities of up to 45 tonnes, improves the eco-efficiency of cargo-handling operations while allowing customers to maintain the highest levels of productivity and safety. The reachstacker is available with a range of modular battery options and charging solutions and is suitable for a wide variety of applications including container handling, intermodal and trimodal operations and industrial heavy lifting.

The Kalmar Essential forklift truck is built on a reliable and robust platform made for the most demanding applications. Essential forklift trucks are available with lifting capacities from 10 to 18 tonnes and are ideal for handling containers, steel and wood. The model has proved a popular choice among Kalmar dealers, and the first machines manufactured at the Shanghai plant are scheduled to be delivered to customers across the region.

Alf-Gunnar Karlgren, VP, Counter Balanced, Kalmar: “This is an important step for Kalmar as it will help us to meet the growing demand for sustainable electrically powered equipment both in China and around the world. With this step we are electrifying and expanding our global delivery capability. Furthermore, commencing production of our Essential forklift trucks in Shanghai demonstrates our commitment to further growing the plant, which is a vital part of our global manufacturing network, and reducing lead times and freight costs for customers.”

YewBoon Teo, VP, Kalmar AMEA: “The recent orders received from various countries are proof of the increasing interest among customers in more economic and eco-efficient equipment solutions as they seek to decarbonise their operations and optimise fuel costs.”

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7 December 2023 |

Vestas and DTEK sign MOU on Ukraine’s largest wind energy project

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Vestas and DTEK have today at COP28 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the build out of the second phase of the Tyligulska wind project in the southern part of Ukraine.

The agreement outlines the conditions and desire to build the 384 MW second phase of the Tyligulska wind project. The first phase of Tyligulska wind project comprised of 114 MW and was successfully commissioned in the spring of 2023.

“We are very pleased to be expanding our partnership with DTEK again and build the Tyligulska project to support the reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy sector and show that Ukraine is open for business. The project is becoming a reality under extraordinary circumstances, and we look forward to working with DTEK on the final steps towards financial closure. Infrastructure projects of this size in Ukraine currently require additional risk guarantees, and we believe supporting a project as ambitious as this can re-emphasise the EU‘s support to Ukraine. I want to recognise the visionary leadership of DTEK – thank you for the trust you have shown in Vestas”, says Henrik Andersen, CEO of Vestas.

DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko says: “We are delighted to once again be working with Vestas at Tyligulska on this ground-breaking project and I would like to thank Henrik Andersen and the team at Vestas for their unwavering support as well as the European Commission and governments of Denmark and Ukraine for their inspiring leadership. Today’s memorandum of understanding is a declaration of confidence in DTEK and Ukraine, and a signal that we and our partners will not wait for the end of the war to invest in a greener future. Today, we are busy restoring not only what the occupier is destroying, but also building a new energy system. The Tyligulska windfarm will significantly increase the stability of our energy system, help strengthen the country’s energy security, and enable Ukraine to become a decarbonisation leader that can act as an energy hub for Europe”.

Together, the first and second phases of wind project will have a capacity of 498 MW with a total of 83 wind V162-6.2 MW wind turbines in 6.0 MW operating mode, making it the largest wind energy project in the country. The cooperation between Vestas and DTEK on this project goes back to 2021 when the second phase of the Tyligulska project was first announced. When the war broke out, the wind project was put on hold. With the signing of the MOU, the two parties reconfirm their joint commitment and resilience to continue to build out the renewable energy sector in Ukraine.

If and when the agreement translates into a firm and unconditional order, Vestas will disclose this in accordance with the company’s disclosure policy.

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7 December 2023 |

DEME and C-Biotech tackle PFAS pollution

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On World Soil Day, DEME Environmental and C-Biotech are pleased to announce their collaboration in a joint venture aimed at addressing PFAS, commonly known as ‘forever chemicals,’ through an innovative nature-based solution that incorporates industrial hemp.

PFAS (synthetic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is a major pollutant worldwide and can be found in hundreds of everyday items such as cosmetics, non-stick pans and firefighting foam.

Caring for the earth is a core activity of DEME Environmental, with its experts specialising in cleaning and remediating polluted soils and breathing new life into contaminated sites, whilepromoting a sustainable and circular economy.C-Biotech, a subsidiary of the family-owned Cordeel Group, develops building materials with a positive impact on the environment.

Dirk Ponnet, General Manager of DEME Environmental, comments: “DEME is already a front runner in utilising sustainable soil remediation techniques. Our work regularly involves historically polluted sites, even some of Europe’s worst hotspots. Techniques include excavation and then treating the material with a wide range of specialised soil remediation techniques. However, sites which have only mild PFAS pollution may not be suitable for this approach.”

“Phytoremediation stands as a proven green technology for soil decontamination, employing a holistic approach that utilises the power of living plants to clean soils of hazardous contaminants. Specific plants possess the ability to extract and break down harmful substances as their roots absorb water and nutrients. Nature cleaning nature!”, says Frederik Verstraete, founder and CEO of C-Biotech.

“Not only does industrial hemp grow astonishingly fast – reaching up to 4 metres in just 90 days – it also absorbs substantial amounts of CO2 throughout its growth cycle.

Both companies see the huge scale of the worldwide PFAS problem and the challenges it presents, and believe the new company is the perfect way to combine our strengths and accelerate remediation times where these ‘forever chemicals’ are present.”

Building upon a successful feasibility study in Zwijndrecht (Belgium), Fytolutions will initially focus on providing phytoremediation services within Belgium and Luxembourg. Operations can be expanded to other countries in the future.DEME Environmental’s expert team will identify PFAS-polluted sites and the new joint venture will design a tailored solution for remediation, which could consist of a combination of phytoremediation and traditional remediation.

Once harvested, the polluted and non-polluted parts of the hemp plants are carefully separated. The leaves containing the PFAS will be responsibly disposed of. Satellites will carefully monitor CO2 capture. It is estimated that 1 ha captures approximately 15 tonnes of CO2.

Dirk Ponnet emphasises: “Western Europe has thousands of sites where light to medium PFAS pollution is present. This is a very cost-effective solution and goes hand in hand with DEME’s other remediation techniques.”

“We are going to clean up the Earth and do it together!” says Frederik Verstraete.

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7 December 2023 |

China Shipping uses SCHEUERLE SPMT’s for historic building

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Using a total of 300 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines, China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics successfully moved a complex consisting of five buildings by 600 metres.

The heaviest structure wAeighed 10,000 tonnes. As a result, the heavy-load logistics and engineering service provider Vastwin set three records: transporting the heaviest and tallest building, moving it over the longest distance and overcoming the largest difference in height.

In China, historical buildings have to be relocated time and time again in order to meet environmental protection requirements. In the process, heavy-load logistic operators continue to set impressive records. SPMT axle lines from TII SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the TII Group and industry expert for heavy-load transportation on paved roads and off-road terrain, are regularly involved. This was also the case when transporting a complex of five historical buildings from the Ningxia Saishang Jiangnan Museum located in the north of the country. The magnificent and valuable houses had to make way for the floodplain landscape on the Yellow River.

The heavy-load logistics and engineering service provider China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistic, a subsidiary of the state-owned shipping company China Ocean Shipping Group (Cosco), were commissioned to move the five buildings, each one as a single entity, by a distance of 600 metres and also had to overcome a height difference of three metres. The complex was comprised of the main building weighing 10,000 tonnes as well as two outbuildings, each weighing 2,000 tonnes, along with an archway and one partition wall, each weighing 1,000 tonnes. For transporting the 43 metre high, 36.9 metre long and 31.5 metre wide main building, 300 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines and ten PPUs, likewise from TII SCHEUERLE, were required. The heaviest individual transport weighed a total of 11,450 tonnes.

In meeting this unique challenge, China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics set three records. The main building was the heaviest and tallest load that had ever been moved in China and probably worldwide. In addition, it covered the longest distance ever covered in China carrying a building weighing more than 1,000 tonnes. Furthermore, it was the steepest incline ever mastered along a transport route.

Once again, SPMT modules from TII SCHEUERLE made an important contribution to setting the most spectacular records. It was only a year ago that the Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Co. moved a 7,500-tonne hotel using 254 SPMT axle lines whereby the uneven weight distribution of the asymmetrical, 90-metre-long and 20-metre-high building posed a major challenge on the 500-metre-long route. Now the triple record set by China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics has already replaced this achievement and impressively demonstrates the performance of the SCHEUERLE SPMT modules, a segment in which the TII industry expert from Pfedelbach was recognised as the world market leader.

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6 December 2023 |

Sarens installs structure for the Ghent Jazz festival

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Sarens lifts the preassembled frames for the main tent and other smaller tents for the Ghent Jazz festival in Belgium.

Sarens was asked by our client Louis Huys Special Transport to lift the preassembled frames of the main tent and other smaller tents for the Ghent Jazz festival in Belgium. The Ghent Jazz musical festival is one of the most popular and much awaited events organised in Ghent each year.

The frames had a maximum weight of 6-tonne and had a maximum height of 15m. These preassembled frames had to be lifted and installed in a confined space right in the center of the city. Considering the load details and the space available Sarens used the LTM1150 as the main crane and two smaller AC50 cranes.

The equipment was transported by road within two days. Once on site, it took the crew about two hours to set up the equipment, working within the limitations of available space for pre-assembly. Four crew members proceeded with the lift by uprighting the pre-assembled frames, which were fixed on hinges. Obstacles had to be removed and steel plates had to be installed to reduce the ground bearing pressure. The client was extremely satisfied with Sarens’ equipment and crew who safely installed the structures in a limited time.

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6 December 2023 |

Hoegh forges new agreement with Sumitomo

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Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Hyodo) and Höegh Autoliners (Head Office: Oslo, Norway; Chief Executive Officer: Andreas Enger) are charting a greener course in deep-sea transportation of Ro-Ro cargo, such as cars, high and heavy machinery and breakbulk, by forging an agreement to look into the supply of clean ammonia as a bunker fuel at the ports of Singapore and Jacksonville, USA from 2027 onwards.

The two companies have formalized their commitment through a Letter of Intent to collaborate on the supply and delivery of clean ammonia as a next-generation sustainable maritime fuel for Höegh Autoliners’ upcoming Aurora Class PCTC vessels. The twelve state-of-the-art vessels are set to become the largest and most eco-friendly car carriers ever built, boasting the capability to run on zero-carbon ammonia or carbonneutral methanol. The Letter of Intent symbolizes a remarkable step in the realization and development of the production and consumption of clean maritime fuels. The collaboration hopes to stimulate the upscaling of the supply and demand of clean ammonia for maritime usage.

Höegh Autoliners and Sumitomo Corporation are strongly endorsing the transition toward sustainable longdistance maritime transport and the adoption of eco-friendly fuels and propulsion systems. Both companies view clean ammonia as a promising future fuel for the maritime industry, offering substantial potential in addressing the challenges associated with greenhouse gas emissions in global shipping. To support this vision, both entities have launched a range of initiatives throughout the ammonia value chain, with a primary focus on making clean ammonia a viable choice for maritime fuel and thereby achieving significant reductions in emissions from the global shipping sector.

Moving forward, the companies will embark on a comprehensive evaluation of the compatibility between the PCTC vessels and the ammonia bunkering facilities at the identified bunker ports. They endeavour to make necessary adjustments to specifications for both “shore-to-ship” and “ship-to-ship” bunkering operations and undertake safety assessments to establish standardized operational protocols and regulations in close coordination with pertinent government agencies.

“The commitment with Sumitomo Corporation is a strong strategic move in our efforts to offer our customers net-zero transportation globally, addressing the need for sustainable fuel availability in key ports such as Singapore and Jacksonville. Pioneering net-zero transportation on ammonia-powered vessels places us at the forefront of the international shipping industry, and we take pride in collaborating with Sumitomo Corporation to achieve this significant milestone.” says Andreas Enger, CEO of Höegh Autoliners.

Ammonia, which does not emit any CO2 when combusted, has long been considered one of the most promising alternative marine fuels to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) direct emissions within the shipping industry which aligns with the revised International Maritime Organization (IMO) strategy to reach net-zero emissions from international shipping “close to” 2050 on a life-cycle basis.

In compliance with requirements on carbon intensity from each auto-manufacturer, Sumitomo Corporation supplies various types of clean ammonia; “green ammonia” produced from renewable energy, “blue ammonia” with the CO2 from the production processes captured and permanently stored and “bio ammonia” produced from renewable natural gas, certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) in accordance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

“There is a compelling need for organizations to collaborate in the worldwide endeavour to attain future netzero goals. Our collaboration with Höegh Autoliners embodies this commitment and is geared towards being a trailblazer and facilitator of the global maritime decarbonization effort. While the adoption of electric vehicles is important for greening land transportation systems worldwide, it is equally important to address the decarbonization of the maritime transportation process used to deliver these vehicles from the production facilities to their destinations. In this context, Sumitomo Corporation supports Höegh Autoliners by exploring the potential to provide clean ammonia as a bunker fuel for their modern vessels at strategic port locations.”, says Koji Endo, General Manager of Energy Division, Sumitomo Corporation.

Höegh Autoliners and Sumitomo Corporation are both working with the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, a not-for-profit, independent research and development center looking to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero future for the maritime industry. The Center consistently assesses, informs and guides the industry transition journey and is recognized as a change leader, trusted adviser and leading knowledge hub for maritime decarbonization.

Höegh Autoliners has joined the Center as a mission ambassador. The partnership accelerates its transition towards a more sustainable future by collaboration with like-minded organizations and leveraging the Center’s unique ability to develop and implement breakthrough decarbonization projects.

Sumitomo Corporation is a strategic partner and Advisory Board member of the Center, committing to a long-term strategic collaboration about the development of zero carbon technologies for the maritime industry. Experts Sumitomo Corporation has seconded has been working on research and development projects in the Center’s portfolio and contributing to the development of methodologies and optimized pathways for safe and sustainable fuel solutions for shipping.

“We applaud Sumitomo Corporation and Höegh Autoliners on their landmark agreement to pursue the use of clean ammonia as a bunker fuel from 2027 onwards. The speed of the transition relies on the swift collective action of leaders in the eco-system to implement viable sustainable solutions and this partnership exemplifies the bold, forward-thinking, and actionable commitment required. At the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, we are proud to be collaborating with progressive companies like Sumitomo Corporation and Höegh Autoliners, and we will leverage learnings on our independent platform to accelerate the scalable transition of the wider eco-system,” said Bo Cerup-Simonsen, CEO of the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.”

Höegh Autoliners has signed a strategic partnership agreement with a major international car producer, spearheading the transport of cars, with a strong focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs), from Asia to both Europe and the US, which signifies a substantial leap towards a greener and more sustainable future.

The car producer and Höegh Autoliners share the same ambition to minimize the carbon footprint of the products and achieve climate neutrality by 2040. The companies are also determined to make a significant and lasting impact by tackling global sustainability challenges head-on.

Höegh Autoliners has taken a leading role in the deep-sea car transportation industry in terms of reducing its own and its customers’ carbon footprint, delivering unparalleled service while at the same time being a frontrunner for sustainable shipping.

Sumitomo Corporation received Approval in Principle (“AiP”) from the American Bureau of Shipping (“ABS”) for the design of an ammonia bunkering vessel jointly with partners of a consortium, consisting of A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S, Fleet Management Limited, the Center, Sumitomo Corporation, Seatrium, ABS, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore(“MPA”) and expressed strong interest to develop an End-to-End Low or Zero-Carbon Ammonia Power Generation and Bunkering Solution in Singapore for the country’s Energy Market Authority and MPA.
In addition, Sumitomo Corporation has been developing a comprehensive and competitive supply chain for the provision of ammonia ship-to-ship bunkering on the US East Coast including port of Jacksonville and Brunswick, the busiest auto ports in the country.

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5 December 2023 |

Megalift delivers unit to Malaysia

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Megalift are pleased to report on an ASU project they played a hand in, involving the construction of a large manufacturing plant in Bayan Lepas, Penang.

The company have been handling several deliveries for this same project since early this year.

This particular shipment contained sixty-three packages, with the largest being a cold box which they received in Penang Port.

The cold box featured dimensions of 40.10 (L) x 5.00 (W) x 3.65 (H) meters and weighed 126 tons. Other items included ducts, platforms, coolers and joints.

“Our current deliveries to the site are being carried out in batches.”

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5 December 2023 |

Marr helps Powerhouse Parramatta reach milestone

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Powerhouse Parramatta has reached a new construction milestone with the first steel trusses on the project’s distinctive steel exoskeleton being installed by Marr’s cranes working on the project.

Powerhouse Parramatta is being constructed by Lendlease on behalf of the NSW Government. An architectural collaboration between Moreau Kusunoki (Lead Designer) and Genton (Local Architect), it is one of the largest structural engineering and architecturally complex projects underway in Australia. Marr has been engaged by Lendlease to provide the cranage solution.

On completion, Powerhouse Parramatta will be the largest museum in NSW at 30,000 square metres, featuring more than 18,000 square metres of exhibition and public space, including Australia’s largest column-free exhibition space. Designed so that its exterior superstructure is a celebrated architectural feature, the museum’s two buildings are designed with three types of steel lattices as an exoskeleton.

With the structural support for the trusses that achieve the column-free exhibition space sitting on the exterior of the building, the challenge from a construction point-of-view was how to install the heavy steel trusses and deliver the project to the architectural team’s vision. Knowing that an innovative cranage solution was needed, Lendlease engaged Marr during the planning stage.

Working in collaboration with Lendlease’s construction team before onsite works commenced, Marr’s solution was to install three of Marr’s Heavy Lift Luffing (HLL) tower cranes including a 330-tonne capacity Favelle Favco M2480D, 150-tonne capacity M1280D and 96-tonne capacity M860D.

By allowing bigger, heavier modularised sections of the exoskeleton including steel trusses weighing to be installed in a single lift, the cranage methodology will reduce the number of lifts required and decongest the site. With the first trusses installed weighing 50 tonnes, the heaviest lifts will be trusses weighing up to 120 tonnes.

According to Marr’s Design & Engineering Manager, Andrew Coffin, “From an engineering standpoint this project is a significant challenge due to its complexity. In partnering with Lendlease, as the managing contractor, we managed to jointly streamline the construction methodology and adopt a crane solution to tackle the complexity of the project and increase efficiency. The key was understanding the desired approach to building the project and designing the crane solution around that idea.”

“This is an incredibly exciting project to be part of. Just as Powerhouse Parramatta is a celebration of Australian innovation and achievement, its construction will be testimony to the impact that technology, innovation, design and engineering have on our world.,” said Marr’s Managing Director, Simon Marr.

“It took vision, innovation and collaboration to design a cranage solution that will deliver this amazing project, and Lendlease had the vision to see the benefits of what we could bring to this project. It’s a great example of achieving a better solution for the project team by asking ‘how do you want to build the project?’ and designing the cranage solution around a construction methodology instead of construction being driven by the limitations of the crane as we are constantly seeing in other parts of the world,” Mr Marr said.

With sustainability sitting at the heart of the building and its construction, Powerhouse Parramatta will be Parramatta’s first public 6 Star Green Star Building. It is also one of the first projects in Australia to use 100% renewable diesel (HVO100) in Marr’s cranes working on the project.

Construction of Powerhouse Parramatta is scheduled for completion in late 2024.

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4 December 2023 |
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