WWPC supports disadvantaged children

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The members and sponsors to the annual membership conferences of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) hold charity auctions in support of disadvantaged children.

Since the start of this initiative in 2011 the overall support contributed to about USD 400.000,- for directly supporting local organizations in the countries where the membership conferences had been held.

Wolfgang Karau, Director for the network states: “In each of our annual conferences, the members vote for the next year conference country and location. We seek out local charity organisations and offer them our support. Donated models of cargo airplanes, ships and cranes, trucks and locomotives and many other items have been auctioned during these events. We are grateful to our members and sponsors and their ongoing support. During our September 2023 conference in Toronto, Canada, the donation for the Moorelands Kids organisation was USD 25.000,-. Our members voted for the next membership conference to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during 2024 and we look forward continuing our charity support during that event.”

Ms. Colette Halferty, Director, Development & Communications of Moorelands Community Services, thanks WWPC for the support and states: ”By supporting Moorelands’ Resilient Kids Fund, you help to enable kids facing socio-economic barriers to experience our unique experiential learning programs. Best of all, YOU are supporting marginalized children and youth to develop leadership skills, character and confidence that can create positive pathways for their social and emotional well-being.

Kids can realize their potential to succeed at Moorelands and then apply their leadership abilities at home, at school, and in their communities. While many kids continue to display mental health struggles, post pandemic, your support empowers them to feel safe and connected in a caring environment at Moorelands and to strengthen their resiliency as they feel seen, heard and valued.”

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23 October 2023 |

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