UPCARGO delivers water treatment plant to Panama

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UPCARGO Logistics are pleased to report that they recently completed a major delivery of a water treatment plant from Spain to Panama.

The scope of this project was substantial and involved the transportation of 3 x 40′ FR containers from Spain. UPCARGO performed unloading operations at the final designated delivery site.

“The plant will benefit more than 500,000 families by providing drinking water for consumption in the western area of Panama.”

Three tanks were transported which featured dimensions of 10.92 (L) x 4.27 (W) x 4.40 (H) metres, weighing 10,000 kilograms each.

UPCARGO followed these steps to carry out this operations: Organisation and logistics of the operation; Route study prior to the arrival of the cargo; Inspection in Port; Customs clearance documentation; Unloading diagram for the customer; Unstuffing operation in port from the flat rack to the lowboys; Transportation of tanks from the port to the unloading place; Unloading and installation of tanks.

This successful delivery underscores their dedication to delivering excellence in logistics services.

“We take immense pride in contributing to projects that have a positive impact on communities, and this delivery to the water treatment plant exemplifies our commitment to making a difference.”

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18 April 2024 |

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