Universal Transport uses two truck combination in transportation

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In January, Universal Transport used two truck combinations to transport a carriage from the port of Bückeburg into the city centre of Minden.

Even though the route was only 20 kilometres long, the 40-tonne freight had to change modes of transport just before it reached its destination.

The reason for this were two obstacles precisely: A bridge, which would only allow usage of a lower trailer of the Universal transport fleet and the narrow entrance to the destination, which could only be passed with a significantly shorter semi low-loader. Two mobile cranes lifted the carriage in Minden off a 41-meter-long tank bridge onto a 31-meter-long special semi low-loader in order to be able to master the last few meters.

Of course, the reloading in Minden was not the only change on the long round trip of the carriage, which is produced in India and destined for the Indian market. The carriage arrived by seagoing vessel at the port of Antwerp in Belgium initially, where it was loaded onto an inland waterway vessel and then onto the road in Bückeburg. In Minden there is a special climate chamber which put the carriage through its paces before returning in February.

Thanks to the flexibility and the fleet of Universal Transport, this challenge could also be solved. The necessary traffic control measurements were taken over by StB Verkehrstechnik. These included setting up a no-stopping zone along the route and blocking an intersection for allowing the changeover.

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15 March 2023 |

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