United Development’s mission to support MINUSCA

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United Development FZE, a proud member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Afghanistan, Cameroon, and Bulgaria, is recognized as a trusted contractor for peacekeeping and defence missions worldwide under the UN PEACEKEEPING & DEFENSE umbrella.

Their mission is to enhance the effectiveness of peace operations and multinational military forces engaged in various international missions.

In their most recent endeavour, United Development FZE was tasked with the multimodal transportation of thirty-four (34) units of Nissan NV350 Urvan Minibuses (Diesel, LHD 4×2), each seating 12 passengers, from FCA Yokohama, Japan (Incoterms 2000), to the MINUSCA headquarters in Bangui, Central African Republic, in support of the MINUSCA mission. This operation commenced in May 2023 and was successfully completed in September 2023. The cargo consisted of brand-new units of the Nissan NV350 Urvan Minibus (Diesel, LHD 4×2), each equipped with a standard roof.

United Development FZE assumed various responsibilities during this operation:In the initial phase, they took delivery of the 34 brand-new Nissan vehicles at the Port of Yokohama, Japan. Subsequently, they meticulously secured these vehicles within containers, ensuring their safety during transit. Their responsibilities also encompassed arranging for the ocean transportation of these containers from Port Yokohama, Japan, to Port Douala, Cameroon.

The second shipment phase involved carefully de-stuffing containers at Port Douala and efficiently loading the vehicles onto trucks. United Development FZE expertly managed all customs formalities associated with this process. They then coordinated the overland transport of the vehicles from Port Douala, Cameroon, to the MINUSCA camp in Bangui, Central African Republic. Finally, they facilitated the unloading and ground-level delivery of the vehicles to the MINUSCA mission site.

United Development FZE goes beyond physical logistics; they deliver trust and reliability to their industries. Their commitment to excellence in transportation, logistics, supply chain management, and support services is unwavering. No project is deemed too complex or challenging for them, and they consistently strive to provide exceptional logistics support to a diverse range of clients, including governmental and humanitarian organizations, peacekeeping missions, and commercial enterprises across the globe.

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