Total Movements concludes project in South-East Asia

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Total Movements, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, successfully moved a shipload of concrete and anode coated pipes from India for a prestigious Oil & Gas project in South-East Asia.

Shipping of the entire consignment of 16,000 freight tons / 3,900+ pieces of pipes was handled by the team of Total Movements India for its Indonesia team.

A spokesperson for Total Movements said: “Our scope of work involved shipping the consignment from the load port on the west coast of India to the discharge port in Indonesia and unloading the consignment from the vessel.

The Total Movements team in India and Indonesia collaborated closely to execute this project in a seamless manner, overcoming numerous challenges. Listing some of them below:Requirement of the right vessel that could load all the cargo together in one go while at the same time fulfilling MWS requirements; Ensuring all safety parameters are followed during the entire operation, covering lifting, dunnage, stowage arrangements, ship stability, and so on; Inclement weather at the discharge port hampered the operations at different points in time; Synchronization between different stakeholders for different legs to ensure everything happens in a smooth manner.

However, our team’s unwavering resolve and agility helped us overcome these different challenges to satisfy our customers.

The shipment was stored at the discharge port for some time, after which all the units were loaded onto the barges and delivered to the final project site in South East Asia.”

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6 April 2023 |

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