Seaway7 teams up with OffshoreWind4Kids

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Seaway7 teamed up with OffshoreWind4Kids this year to encourage education in STEM, whilst showcasing the possibilities of careers in offshore wind to our future generation of engineers.

Last weekend Seaway7 hosted a third offshore wind demo day, this time in Oslo, giving children and their families the opportunity to build and install their own wind turbine. This followed sessions held earlier this year in the UK and the Netherlands with around 100 children and their families benefiting in total.

Organisation Development Coordinator Paige Quirie, who has driven the partnership with OffshoreWind4Kids said: “We are proud to play a role in educating budding engineers and helping them discover a passion for science, technology, engineering and maths.

“These events wouldn’t have been possible without our Seaway7 volunteers who did a fantastic job teaching the children all things offshore wind and showcasing the industry and all the exciting opportunities it has to offer. A big thank you goes to our colleagues Robbert van der Ark, Jeroen Regelink, Kieran Hammill, Asma Ben Aoun, Daniel Thom, Thomas Sammut, Johanne Vartdal and Såmund Li.

“Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from our partnership with OffshoreWind4Kids next year.”

OffshoreWind4Kids is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium. The organisation aims to:Inspire girls and boys about engineering, technology and renewable energy; Stimulate innovation in offshore wind; Spread awareness of offshore wind to the general public.

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31 August 2023 |

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