Rhenus secures award from SkyCell

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The international logistics specialist, Rhenus, has secured an award for logistics services globally from the provider of hybrid containers, SkyCell.

The companies are now cooperating to expand their business services and expertise in the field of life sciences and healthcare. The customers of both companies will benefit from an extended range of options and individual services thanks to this unique partnership.

SkyCell and Rhenus: A global partnership in the field of life sciences and healthcareSkyCell and Rhenus: A global partnership in the field of life sciences and healthcare
The Swiss manufacturer, SkyCell, produces temperature-controlled door-to-door hybrid container solutions that allow pharma companies to optimise supply chains by reducing, and even predicting, the risks associated with delivering sensitive drugs by air. Their SaaS solution, SkyCell SECURE, enables customers to have real-time, end-to-end oversight of every shipment around the world. Its automated approval capability reduces quality approval time from an average of days to just hours, getting life-changing drugs to consumers faster.

The Rhenus Group has been awarded the global contract from the manufacturer to handle their reverse logistics operations around the world. “We value our partnership with Rhenus, a company which has a proven track record of excellence in managing the complex pharma supply chain with its global network and extensive experience,” says Simon Giger, Global Head of Operations, SkyCell. Rhenus is also expanding its range of services for its customers through its cooperation arrangement with SkyCell. The latest technology for hybrid packaging solutions, for example, enables secure transportation for critical medicines, including vaccines, and other temperature-controlled goods. “We’re proud to be working with SkyCell and we’re looking forward to expanding our collaboration arrangement in the near future,” says Stephan Dülk, Global Head of Life Sciences and Health Care at Rhenus Air & Ocean.

Rhenus already operates service centres for SkyCell in the United Kingdom and Germany as part of a separate cooperation scheme. The Rhenus Life Sciences and Healthcare site near London’s Heathrow Airport acts as the service centre for the entire United Kingdom. Rhenus stores, transports, pre-conditions, and maintains the hybrid containers at its site there. In order to guarantee full transparency and 100 percent compliance, the SkyCell headquarters in Switzerland monitors the temperature of the storage units round the clock. Rhenus recently opened two more SkyCell service centres very close to Frankfurt Airport.

The Rhenus Group is ardent on growing its footprint and expertise in the Life Sciences and Healthcare vertical. It has been offering companies operating in these sectors customised air and ocean freight services as well as temperature-controlled road operations for pharmaceutical products for many years. Rhenus also offers substantial warehouse space for medical devices and pharmaceuticals and these spaces are certified in line with all respective licences and guidelines, such as the ISO 13485, GDP, and GMP guidelines. The logistics specialist provides sector specific solutions and value-added services such as repackaging or taking samples at several sites around the world on the basis of its pharmaceutical production and wholesaler permit.

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3 April 2023 |

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