R&B executes challenging project from Nuffield

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R&B Global Projects, Project Logistics Alliance member representing Croatia and Serbia, flawlessly executed a challenging project move from Nuffield, East of Johannesburg, South Africa to the Adriatic port Rijeka, the final destination being Vares, Bosnia with the assistance of Afriguide Logistics, PLA member for South Africa.

The project involved the move of a dismantled re-agent plant, test-plant for substances presence, which consisted of hoppers, tanks, filters, control panels, gearboxes among others. All the parts were going into a container ship, and even though it is not the typical project type R&B usually works on, it was quite a complex challenge to get all the components on 6 x flatracks and 4 x usual containers.

Due to seamless collaboration among shippers and Afriguide Logistics, they successfully orchestrated a thorough two-month planning of the entire “puzzle.”

Despite numerous last-minute design changes to the components and the high congestion in Durban port at this time of the year, R&B and Afriguide Logistics managed to successfully pick up, stuff, shrink, pack, lash, and ship everything out in an exceptional manner, much to the satisfaction of the clients.

PLA applaud R&B Global Projects once again for their outstanding performance in executing the project with commendable expertise and precision.

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30 November 2023 |

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