Noerpel Group relies on KAMAG PM

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The Noerpel Group, a leading logistics and forwarding company based in southern Germany, is setting new standards regarding the efficiency and sustainability of its operational procedures.

By using the KAMAG PrecisionMover (PM) in their handling operations, Noerpel has underlined its commitment to ensuring excellence in ergonomics, technology and ecological sustainability.

Handling operations at Noerpel´s facility in Ulm relies on the KAMAG PrecisionMover (PM) for realising yard logistics and, in the process, has demonstrated impressive performance and efficiency by realising up to 125 swap body and 100 semi-trailer movements per day. The procurement of the KAMAG PM swap body transporter thereby marks a crucial step in optimising the company´s handling processes. The efficient swap body transporter from TII KAMAG, a specialist for internal transport solutions, has been designed for quick and precise manoeuvring of swap bodies and semi-trailers.

Florian Harrer, manager of the Noerpel transshipment hall in Ulm, and Michael Wittmann, strategic buyer at Noerpel, emphasised the outstanding ergonomics and technical superiority of the KAMAG PM. “The dropped driver’s cab with its low entry means our yard drivers can get in and out of the vehicle more quickly which speeds up yard operations enormously. Moreover, the easy vehicle operability is a significant advantage especially in view of the current shortage of skilled workers. New colleagues can be trained to use the transporter in only two days whereby they immediately feel at home in the cabin and can work efficiently right from the start,” explained Harrer.

The Noerpel Group attaches great importance to sustainability and future-oriented technologies which has been underlined by the procurement of two additional fully electric KAMAG ePrecisionMovers. “A modern fleet is crucial in order to make the working environment more attractive for our drivers,” emphasised Harrer. With the use of the KAMAG ePrecisionMover, Noerpel is not only focusing on increasing efficiency and improving ergonomics but also on a sustainable future in its logistics business.

TII KAMAG is proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the success story of the Noerpel Group through its yard logistics solutions. “Our partnership with Noerpel is proof of our commitment to drive the logistics industry forward by means of sustainable and efficient transport solutions,” said Jürgen Haupt, Head of Sales Yard Logistics at TII KAMAG.

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23 April 2024 |

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