KCTC delivers vital cargo to Algeria power plant

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In a significant development for the “OUMACHE III COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT PROJECT” in Biskra, Algeria, a substantial cargo shipment consisting of HRSG Casing and a Natural Gas Supply System has made its way to the Port of Arzew. KCTC Co. Ltd., a Project Logistics Alliance member for South Korea, managed the loading operations at the Port of Masan for this project.

This shipment comprises 378 packages weighing 1822 metric tons and occupying 10473 cubic meters. The heaviest individual item in the shipment was the Water Bath Heater, weighing 80 metric tons and measuring 15.80 x 4.75 x 5.20 meters. The project, overseen by the Korean EPC contractor Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC), promises to boost Algeria’s energy production significantly and once completed, the power plant is expected to have an annual energy capacity of 9.68 megawatt hours.

One of the main challenges in the movement of this cargo was finding a suitable vessel within budget constraints that could accommodate the entire cargo under deck. The shipment included ten oversized long panels, each measuring 30 meters and with dimensions of 31 meters by 5.1 meters by 2.0 meters, which posed unique logistical challenges. Limited options for vessels capable of accommodating such oversized items further complicated the move.

However, the KCTC project team’s meticulous planning and industry expertise paid off, as they successfully secured a suitable vessel and ensured the safe transportation of the cargo. Despite this significant volume, the efficient loading process at Masan allowed the team to complete the task in just five working days.

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2 November 2023 |

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