Impeccable planning by Nonpareil ensures successful move

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Project Logistics Alliance member for the Philippines, Nonpareil International Freight and Cargo Services, was chosen for a huge transportation project.

This project involved the movement of 51 dump trucks which were both operational and non-operational. Each truck weighed 70 tons and measured 10.20 x 5.47x 5.18 meters, occupying a volume of 10939 CBM. This OOG cargo had to be taken from the mining site to the Port of Cebu, one of the largest domestic ports in the Philippines, where it was loaded onto a vessel for further transportation towards their final destination, Jebel Ali, in Dubai.

For this challenge to be completed, careful planning was required. First, surveys were carried out at the mining sites to decide how to move the trucks best. Nonpareil International carefully designed a transport methodology to be submitted to their consignee. The budget requirements of their client presented difficulties in acquiring charter vessels for the shipment and required rigorous rate negotiation in accordance with the allotted financial plan.

Once approved, a jetty port and temporary staging area for this equipment were scouted for near the mining site. An underdeveloped private jetty port was utilized on an island near the mining site as the staging area and for loading. The non-functional dump trucks were disassembled from the pick-up site and transported via road using articulated chassis. Due to harsh weather (rough seas, heavy rains, strong wind) conditions, loading activities had to be stopped several times to ensure safety. The loading operation for movement towards the Port of Cebu was completed in seven days.

Once the cargo arrived at the Port of Cebu, the functional equipment was driven to the staging area and the loading port, while the non-functional dump trucks were reassembled before loading onto the vessel. A Backhoe trailer hustled the non-operational dump trucks to the vessel under hook, under Full Liner Terms (FLT).

Besides the loading operations, the company’s export division also handled the documentation and customs clearance. Despite all challenges, Nonpareil International successfully loaded the dump trucks onto the vessel for further transport. The equipment is now on its way to the United Arab Emirates via Singapore. Congratulations, Nonpareil International, for yet another outstanding project.

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9 March 2023 |

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