IDESA trusts Kaleido with project in Egypt

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Ingeniería y Diseño Europeo -IDESA- one of the leading companies of large equipment, has trusted Kaleido Logistics, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Spain, for managing logistic services of one of their projects, taking place in Egypt.

Kaleido handled the project in the Port of Avilés, North of Spain. Two oversized components and their spares were loaded at port, destination Adabiya, Egypt, where they will be part of a refinery.

With more than 4.000 m3 of cargo, the main components loaded were a Coke Fractionator weighing 230 tons and a Quench Tower weighing 90 tons. For the 2-day loading operations, the coordination of the different services provided by Kaleido was a key factor for a successful performance: sea freight, ship agency, engineering, lashing & welding and Kaleido technology with INKLINA, a system that assures that the lifting in tandem is done with the required precision and calibration of both cranes, for the loading and unloading operations.

After twelve days of transit, cargo has already been discharged at Adabiya port and is ready for delivery to refinery.

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28 March 2023 |

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