How technology is changing SEKO BANSARD’s logistics services

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Digitalization is transforming SEKO’s core services.

This transformation is not only reshaping our services, but also enhancing the customer experience. Rapid advances in technology are having a profound impact on the supply chain, increasing efficiency through real-time data sharing, automation and smart technologies that help organizations manage risk, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. As the market environment becomes even more challenging in 2024, adaptability and flexibility become critical.

The digitization of the supply chain is having a transformative impact on SEKO’s three core services: freight forwarding, e-commerce and white glove services. The process of transforming analog supply chain processes into digital ones is not only reshaping our services, but also enhancing our customer experience.

Our first pillar is our freight forwarding service, which is the import and export of general cargo. This service is generally business-to-business trade, i.e. standard sea, air and land transportation. The freight forwarding industry has been around for a long time, and SEKO BANSARD is revitalizing it through digitalization.

By digitizing the supply chain, you can bring new experiences to your customers, such as freight optimization, a process designed to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness through route planning, load consolidation, and mode selection; intermodal transport, a way to seamlessly connect the various modes of freight transport; and standardization of services that fuel the foundation of a business.

Our second pillar is e-commerce. Our e-commerce services include 3PL (third-party logistics) fulfillment services, domestic parcel shipments, cross-border parcels, and returns. SEKO BANSARD has always been at the forefront of digital services, but here we focus on physical services, using robots and automation in our warehouses and continuing to push the boundaries of technology. We are using digitalization to improve efficiency and reduce costs through automated operations such as wave picking, where we group orders to be shipped according to certain characteristics, such as grouping all orders from the same carrier and picking multiple orders at a time, which can be much more efficient. SEKO BANSARD also has the ability to connect multiple platforms through API keys, which means that our customers have access to multiple suppliers.

Our third pillar is “White Glove”, which refers to our customized services for special needs. This pillar needs to be fully digitized, as compliance and integrity are extremely important to our white glove clients.

Typically, our white-glove customers ship pharmaceuticals, medical technology products and high-tech products, so it’s important to maintain the integrity of the goods, which we do through our control towers. We have built integrated logistics control towers around the world to standardize our services. We have recently launched SEKO Live, which allows customers to know exactly where their goods are and when they have been delivered. This makes our delivery records 100% error-free.

Adaptability and flexibility in the supply chain are important. As the more challenging market conditions of 2024 approach, businesses need to be confident that they have a robust and reliable supply chain. The choice of partner is important, whether it’s nearshore outsourcing, helping to penetrate new markets, expanding your business, or maintaining the status quo, your partner needs to have the ability to adapt and be flexible.

In today’s world, the rapid advancement of technology has had a dramatic impact on the supply chain. With real-time data sharing, supply chain managers can keep abreast of the entire supply chain’s operations. The use of technology has also improved the efficiency of the supply chain, with automation and intelligent technology making the operation of each link more efficient. In addition, technology has helped companies better manage risks by predicting potential problems in advance through big data analysis and other means. Customer experience has also been enhanced as they can track the status of their orders more easily. Most importantly, technological innovations have given businesses a competitive edge, prompting them to offer more attractive products and services. Therefore, it can be said that technological developments are crucial to the supply chain, bringing it many benefits in terms of efficiency, risk management, customer experience and competitive advantage.

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