Henry Heald collaborates with Total Energies

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In a remarkable display of expertise, Henry Heald & Co. s.a.l., Project Logistics Alliance’s member for Lebanon, in collaboration with Total Energies, achieved a momentous feat at Beirut Port.

Two hundred twenty-two fragile pipes, along with other oil and gas equipment, were safely discharged with an impeccable record of zero damage. This cargo is intended for utilization in an offshore oil and gas exploration project within Block 9. This endeavour is being facilitated by a consortium comprised of Total Energy, ENI, and Qatar Energy. The cargo originated in the Far East and posed distinct challenges due to its unconventional dimensions.

The unloading process was meticulously planned and executed with the support of a highly skilled workforce. Each step was carried out with meticulous precision to guarantee the safety and security of the cargo. The shipment included a variety of components, such as Oil Supply spares, Drilling Equipment, Pipes, Tubes, Joints, Gas mats, and conductors, totalling 254 units with a combined volume of 888 cubic meters and a weight of 668 tons.

Dealing with an 18-ton conductor that had an unusual centre of gravity proved to be one of the most demanding aspects of the operation. To address this challenge, specialized equipment, including a spreader bar and polyester webbing belts, were utilized to balance the load during the unloading process carefully.

The success of this project is a testament to the exceptional teamwork and professionalism exhibited by the entire crew involved. Henry Heald & Co. s.a.l. expressed deep appreciation for their dedicated team members, recognizing their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts. The flawless unloading of such delicate cargo further solidifies Henry Heald & Co. s.a.l.’s reputation as a dependable partner in Lebanon for managing intricate and sensitive operations.

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30 August 2023 |

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