FCL appointed official logistics coordinator for swimming pools

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Full Container Logistics SAS (FCL), a member of Project Logistics Alliance from Argentina, has been appointed as the official logistics coordinator for swimming pools together with its components by IPC Piscinas, one of Argentina’s leading swimming pool manufacturers.

This appointment comes as IPC Piscinas expands its operations in new markets, particularly in the United States, where there is a high demand for swimming pools to be shipped.

The company was able to complete several shipments including one particularly noteworthy shipment that transported cargo from Argentina through Los Andes, and then on to a port in Chile. The cargo measured 11.27 meters in length, 3.27 meters in width, and 2.27 meters in height and weighed a total of 9,653 kilograms. To transport the cargo, the swimming pools were loaded onto a 40’ collapsible flat rack high cube container. The rest of the swimming pools components were placed inside of the built in swimming pools to maximize the free space.

This shipment presented a significant challenge for FCL during packaging and stuffing, as these swimming pools along with its components were breakable and had unstable characteristics. However, FCL was able to overcome this challenge with their expertise and capabilities.

IPC Piscinas’ decision to appoint FCL as their official logistics coordinator is a testament to the company’s capabilities in handling complex shipments. This successful shipment has garnered praise for FCL and highlights their commitment to delivering high-quality logistics services to their clients.

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15 March 2023 |

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