DEME expands dredging activities in Africa

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DEME has won several dredging contracts on the African continent amounting to a sizeable (1) value together.

Active in Africa for more than half a century, DEME is currently working in several countries on the continent.

In Grand-Lahou in Ivory Coast, DEME will carry out dredging and coastal protection works to stabilise the sand barrier between the Tagba Lagoon and the ocean. The shoreline of Grand-Lahou is highly vulnerable to coastal erosion, flooding and increased rainfall. Additionally, the fishing village is exposed to the dangers of rising sea levels.

DEME has built up vast experience over the decades in coastal protection works in Africa. Deploying a cutter suction dredger and hopper dredger, the Grand-Lahou coastal protection works will start in Q2 2024, and will take approximately one year to complete.

DEME will also execute dredging works in Benin and Congo. In Benin, the maintenance dredging of the access channel, turning circle and inner basin in the Port of Cotonou will be taken care of, starting in Q4 2023. In Pointe-Noire in Congo a hopper dredger will be deployed for dredging works required for the construction of the fishing port.

(1) ‘Sizeable’ refers to a contract value of 50-150 million euro.

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23 November 2023 |

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