Boiano puts new Tadano all terrain crane into operation

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Chief Executive Andrea Boiano from Boiano Service S.r.l., which is headquartered in the Italian province of Latina, will tell you that there are a lot of good reasons to get a Tadano AC 7.450-1.

“For starters, it’s a cutting-edge crane that really reflects the current state of the art. And yet despite all its innovations, it’s tremendously easy to operate at the work site. Add to that an 80-meter-long boom, an enormous lifting capacity, and the option of quickly disassembling the boom in order to reduce axle loads – not to mention the incredibly compact dimensions for a crane of this capacity class –, and it shouldn’t be surprising that it was our crane of choice,” explains the chief executive, who ordered the crane with all the bells and whistles. It is also worth mentioning that his company’s good experiences with other Tadano all terrain cranes, such as the AC 220-5 and the AC 100-4, also played an important role in the purchase decision.

Andrea Boiano has particular words of praise for the way the crane combines compact dimensions with a large lifting capacity: “The seven-axle AC 7.450-1 is as compact as a six-axle crane and as powerful as an eight-axle crane. That’s not something you can find anywhere else on the market right now.”

The AC 7.450-1 got the chance to put its advantages on full display at an extremely important work site for Boiano shortly after being handed over: The company used its new acquisition to erect several tower cranes around the former building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy. And just as expected, the AC 7.450-1 passed its first test with flying colors: “We were already planning to do more business with Tadano in the future, and this just solidified that decision. We’re tremendously happy with the service and the products, so we think the prospects of a promising partnership focused on growth are definitely there,” Andrea Boiano points out.

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5 April 2023 |

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