Bertling offers Ecological Footprint Tracker

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Recently it was Zero Emission Day, a day to raise awareness of the urgent need for cleaner energy sources and environmental protection.

In a landscape dominated by CSR reporting requirements, IMO 2023 regulations, European Emissions Trading Standards and increasing pressure on companies to reduce emissions and carbon footprints, Bertling offers a tailored solution – our Ecological Footprint Tracker.

The challenge is that greenhouse gas emissions data is scattered, often across multiple systems. Companies need access to reliable data at their fingertips to effectively meet their reporting obligations. Knowing your carbon footprint is essential to making informed decisions about environmental protection. This is why our customers are made aware of the emissions associated with their shipment, including the estimated footprint when they confirm their booking. Powered by EcoTransIT, our system seamlessly calculates emissions for entire transport chains across all modes. Real-time results are displayed on a visually intuitive dashboard integrated with your IT platform for easy project management and tracking. Data security is guaranteed by the fact that our IT systems are ISO27001 certified.

Bertling’s Ecological Footprint Calculator simplifies emissions tracking, allowing you to easily calculate your carbon footprint and transport-related emissions from project start to finish.

For customers looking for a comprehensive sustainability solution, Bertling can tailor offerings to meet the needs of entire projects, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

Want to know the carbon footprint of a particular transport? That’s no problem. On Bertling’s website, they have integrated a public footprint calculator in the sticky menu on the left. Simply enter the weight, locations, and mode of transport. their system will give you a clear overview of the emissions.

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26 September 2023 |

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