Bangladesh Government appoints Shodesh Shipping and Logistics Company

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Shodesh Shipping & Logistic Company a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Bangladesh, was given the responsibility by the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and JSC Atomstroyexport to transport a remarkable 2,066 tons of breakbulk cargo from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Chittagong port, Bangladesh.

This cargo, consisting of an impressive 2,092 packages, was destined for Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant, Roopur Nuclear Plant.

Taking charge at Mongla port, Shodesh swiftly acquired a port transit permit and handled the necessary customs formalities, leveraging their strong local connections. The company efficiently unloaded the cargo from the vessel, utilizing cranes to implement dumping procedures, and successfully transferred it onto trailers. An astounding fleet of 428 trailers was employed to transport the cargo to the nuclear site by road.

Upon reaching Roopur, Shodesh ensured that customs officials smoothly processed the cargo using the established procedures overseen by the company. Careful attention was given to handling the equipment during the offloading process to avoid any potential damage.

Shodesh’s reputation as a reliable expert in handling breakbulk, heavy lift, and oversized cargoes played a crucial role in the success of this shipment. Their experienced team maintained the schedule and stayed within the planned budget due to their comprehensive understanding of the operation, allowing them to address potential issues before they become costly setbacks proactively.

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3 August 2023 |

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