Aprojects successfully transports on the Danube River

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Aprojects Austria, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, joined forces together with their long-trusted partner, Antwerp Metal logistics, to shipped heavy loads comprised: A reactor weighing 359 tons and measuring 30.4 x 4.55 x 5.33 meters; A pool condenser weighing 286 tons with dimensions of 18.46 x 4.04 x 6.6 meters; A stripper weighing 243 tons and measuring 14.34 x 4.38 x 4.86 meters; Various cases with their associated accessories.

Originating in Linz, this cargo was destined for a chemical plant in the Middle East. The challenge of a remarkably low water level along the Danube River complicated the search for an appropriate barge to transport the colossal load from Linz, Austria to Constanța, Romania.

Further adding complexity to the project, a strategy was devised to directly transfer the cargo onto an ocean vessel at the Port of Constanța. This required precise timing for the barge’s arrival in Constanța, thereby shortening the overall operation timeframe. Given the cargo’s weight, the only viable approach was to load it directly onto the ocean vessel using the vessel’s equipment, as no shore crane in Constanța had the capability to lift such heavy loads, even with multiple cranes working in tandem. Despite these formidable obstacles, the Aprojects team demonstrated exceptional coordination to ensure a seamless process, maintaining the project’s schedule. Yet again, the outstanding efficiency at Aprojects has played a big part in achieving another flawless success. This impressive accomplishment just makes Aprojects’ list of achievements even more remarkable.

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15 August 2023 |

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