Alexander Global Logistics successfully to the Port of Bremerhaven

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Alexander Global Logistics, a founding member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Germany, recently transported 76 press parts from Erfurt to the Port of Bremerhaven.

The shipment was carried out under the Free Carriage term, with the largest cargo measuring up to 4.3 meters in height and 6.3 meters in width with a weight of 115 tons.

The press components were collected from an Erfurt factory and then carefully loaded onto a semi-trailer and a modular trailer. Given the substantial weight and massive width of the press parts, the team decided that the most suitable method of transportation would be through the Mittelland Canal from the Port of Haldensleben. The team efficiently coordinated the barge required to carry the cargo and handled all the necessary procedures at the seaport, including paperwork and the unloading process.

However, obtaining the transport permit posed a challenge initially due to the newly implemented motorway regulations set forth by the German government. Additionally, the shipment had to contend with lock closures and movement restrictions along the river, adding complexity to the process. To ensure just-in-time delivery, the team arranged for the cargo to arrive punctually and made it in time to not miss the vessel, as any delay would be detrimental to the operation.

The proficient services of Alexander Global Logistics swiftly resolved the challenges, ensuring the project’s seamless and timely completion. The exceptional planning and execution by their team have once again resulted in a resounding success.

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10 August 2023 |

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