3P Logistics plays part in unique Sweden to China project

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Swedes will manufacture a sustainable mineral fertilizer from residual products from electric car battery manufacturing and the pulp industry.

They will use traditional and proven process technology powered by fossil-free electricity. Product, potassium sulphate, will be an important contribution to the green transformation of agriculture. And it is an honor from me and 3P Logistics to be a part of the unique project.

Also, future production plants are planned to be in Örnsköldsvik and Skellefteå, as well as additional production plants in the Nordic region and USA.

3P Logistics Project department: Group Project Director Niels Chr. V. Andersen and Global Project Manager Ilya Goncharov successfully prepared, coordinated, and finished this delivery from the first touch.

The cargo had a really huge size with 7.4 m diam. When you are looking for the high-quality option for such cargo from China to Europe you should check all high-quality carriers+ considering terms, budget, and conditions of whole project. And the most important part of the project is a nature, net zero way and we were using a new LNG Powered CMA CGM vessel Concorde from China to Hamburg.

1 giant Crystallizer had the size equal of 24 standard containers on containerized vessel.

There were 2 huge breakbulk items + 7 OOG items. This is a one of the biggest (height and width) item in 3PL history (not heaviest or longest). The height is almost 7 m and width is 7.4 m. From China we were using an ocean containerized vessel to Hamburg. This is a really huge item even in the CMA CGM history I guess – at least one of the biggest for this vessel and route.

We were using floating crane for unloading from the containerized vessel and loading and barge to delivery between terminals in Hamburg. There we arranged a special extraordinary permit for our ship.

Then goods were transloaded to our breakbulk vessel in Hamburg and delivered to the destination in Sweden.

Article written by Ilya Goncharov.

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3 October 2023 |

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