Universal Transport offers safety training in difficult conditions

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In order to avoid accidents and to prepare drivers for extreme traffic and weather conditions, Universal Transport regularly offers driving safety training.

Twelve drivers had the opportunity to practice their driving skills in November and December. How does the vehicle react in the event of emergency braking or avoiding an obstacle? And how are the driving and braking characteristics on slippery roads? Various trucks were available at the Kaiserkuhle driving safety center in Rüthen, district of Soest, representing all vehicle types in the fleet: from semi-trailers and telescopic semi-trailers to silo trucks and semi low-loaders, some of them were even loaded.

“Even when roads are dry and clear, steering our trucks is a challenge. Due to the unusual dimensions and sometimes heavy weights of the transport and its load, the driving characteristics of a truck sometimes change significantly. This driver safety training is ideal for us to practice extreme cases under protected conditions and thus to be able to react quickly and correctly in any situation later on the road,” says Alexander Braasch, professional driver at Universal Transport and participant of this year’s driver safety training.

Thomas Ramsel, Dispatch Manager at the Universal Transport location in Paderborn: “I am pleased that this training is well received by our drivers. Practice makes perfect and after all, the training is not just about load and road safety, but also about the safety and health of our team.”

In addition to the newly acquired and consolidated driving skills of our driving team, the training also covered the mandatory further training as part of the Professional Driver Qualification Act in Module 3.

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15 December 2022 |

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