Tanko chosen to transport silos to Israel

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Tanko International (97), PLA member representing Israel, was chosen to safely transport two cement silos, which were constructed in Turkey, to a client in Israel.

The scope of operation that Tanko International was responsible for was comprehensive and involved several stages. First, the team together with the importer had to ensure that the cement silos were properly stuffed and secured in Turkey, ready for shipment. Next, the cargo had to be transported to the Israeli port of Ashdod. Once the cargo arrived in Ashdod, the team had to discharge it. Finally, the cement silos needed to be assembled at the destination by a port specialist arriving from Turkey.

To ensure a successful outcome, the entire process required careful coordination and expertise to guarantee that the cargo was delivered safely and according to schedule, which Tanko’s experienced personnel executed flawlessly.

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1 February 2023 |

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