Successful shipment of RTGC’s by KCTC to Vietnam

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Project Logistics Alliance member for South Korea, KCTC Co., successfully shipped a total of 18 rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGC) to two different destinations.

The units, each weighing 140 tons with a dimension of 26.35*11.20*24.55 m, departed from the port of Oita in Japan towards Vietnam. The first shipment headed to the port of Nam Dinh Vu, whilst the second followed to Long An International Port.

The RTGCs will be used for the newly built container yard in the ports of Nam Dinh Vu and Long An International in Vietnam. The scope and importance of this operation taken by KCTC were challenging and involved careful planning to complete the task. For the first step, the team had to ensure that the RTGCs were adequately secured and ready for shipment.

The client had specifically asked to forecast and monitor the weather during transport. Since it is winter season in the South China sea, conditions on water can get choppy. KCTC had to consider the centre of gravity of the vessel, which was higher than half of the total height of the cargo, making the load prone to slide or tip. The company demonstrated their expertise by applying motion analysis and additional sea fastenings for heavy weather.

Since the cargo can move on the ground, a ramp-way assembly set and a shore power supply unit were used for discharge. Thanks to KCTC’s team know-how, the cargo arrived safely at their two destinations and made another client happy. Kudos to KCTC for yet another great job.

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9 February 2023 |

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