Rhenus focuses on the inventory manager function

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In cooperation with Simco Consulting, Rhenus has just launched a custom training course for its inventory managers in France.

Designed to address the needs of the Rhenus employees and customers, the five-day training course aims to develop and standardise a shared skill base, thereby enhancing overall operational performance.

From October to December 2022, the Rhenus inventory managers in France will receive specialised training. Following a preliminary assessment to identify skills to be developed, the following groups were created: storage, technical aspects and contracts. Day One will be dedicated to a “serious game”, after which Rhenus employees will gather to complete specialised and adapted modules combining theoretical, regulatory, technical and practical aspects.

“Based on employee needs and changing customer demands, we’ve designed a training course that will strengthen the continuous improvement process between Rhenus and each of its clients. We place a lot of emphasis on data analysis and improving WMS skills,” explained Benoît Cudel, CEO of Simco Consulting France.

The aim of this training is, for each participant, to build their own process and efficiency indicators suited to their specific activities. It is also to facilitate greater understanding of root causes and then implement efficient actions as part of the continuous improvement process. At the end of the session, an escape game will be organised to reinforce what has been learned.

The learning process continues after these five days. A community has been set up to facilitate discussion between inventory managers, in addition to e-learning sessions tailored to the specific WMS used, in order to get the most out of it.

“In addition to acquiring new skills, we wanted to set up a specific program to enhance the role of inventory managers within our organisation. The course will give them the opportunity to share professional practices and create a community of experts within the company. This will benefit our clients, who will quickly see results on an operational level,” commented Laurent Brèche, Chief Operating Officer at Rhenus Logistics France.

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30 November 2022 |

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