KTC and Dacotrans complete project in Honduras

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Member of Project Logistic Alliance from Honduras, Knuth Transport Company (KTC) Heavy Lift and Dacotrans de C.A. were appointed to transport two stators and two rotors from Santos, Brazil, to Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

The total distance for this move was approximately 396 kilometres. From there, the cargo was moved to the final destination of Arenal, Yoro, in northern Honduras.

The shipment was delivered from the supplier, General Electric Corporation, to Hidroelectrica Yaguala as the end customer. This project was part of a much larger effort to provide electricity by building hydroelectric power plants along the Yaguala River.

The two stators weighed 48 tons each and measured 5.5 meters in length, 5.65 meters in width and 3.1 meters in height. In comparison, the two rotors had a dimension of 3.5 x 5.8x 3.53 meters and weighed 88 tons each. The two rotors were transported on two modular trailers with 11 axles each, while two lowboys with three axles were required to move the stators. On top of that, three trailers manufactured by Osh Kosh were also employed for transportation purposes. An additional gantry crane was also used to unload the cargo at the destination.

After the hurricanes Eta and Iota struck in late 2020, many bridges and roads were rendered unusable. As a result, the company was forced to find alternative routes for transporting the load and multiple levelling works were carried out to ensure the cargo could pass safely.

Despite the odds, the cargo was delivered safely, which showcased the ability and expertise of KTC Heavy Lift. The PLA HQ congratulates KTC Heavy lift for another outstanding project and wishes them continued success in their future endeavours.

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22 February 2023 |

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