JSL and East Ship work together on relocation project

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JSL Global Qatar was contracted to complete an industrial relocation of a concrete segment factory for Doha to Constanta in Romania, with delivery to the final site.

The cargo consisted of gantry cranes, girders, steam boilers, flying buckets, panels and air compressors packed in Ninety 40’ OT/Flat Racks. There was also an additional 1100 CBM of cargo. The cargo consisted of: Gantry Cranes; Girders; Steam Boilers; Flying Buckets; Panels; Air Compressors.

The gantry cranes, girders and beams were some of the most extended pieces of cargo and measured 28-32 meters.

One of the major challenges was exporting the full plant ex Qatar due to multiple owners. Through the plant changed owners. This was also a major problem since the original shipping documents were missing. JSL Global team worked with several government authorities to approve export through which the JSL team authenticated ownership and generated export documents.

Since the client had a strict budget, the experienced JSL Qatar team filed for a special rate with Hapag Lloyd and Maersk and waited for the right vessel and operator. This surely wasn’t easy since the pandemic and the war caused the freight rates to skyrocket for special equipment. In the end, JSL finalized the shipping with a Europe-based vessel owner with committed rates.

Once the shipping was fixed, the JSL team placed the girders on multi-axle trailers on the day of the move and were accompanied with police escorts to Hamad Port. The JSL team had already completed a route survey beforehand to avoid any last-minute hiccups due to FIFA. After three days of supervised loading operations and a 112-meter-long convoy, the cargo was loaded onto MV Rudolf, a breakbulk vessel.

As the shipping term was under a door-to-door basis, the JSL Project Team also visited Constanta before the vessel reached Constanta Port. East Ship Projects and JSL Shipping met with the Port authorities to take special approval from concerned authorities for priority berthing. To ensure the cargo was transported and handled safely during the voyage and offloading, a third-party surveyor checked all cargo personally. After completing import formalities, a full shipment was delivered to the client in a week to avoid extra costs due to port storage.

JSL team and East Ship Projects worked shoulder to shoulder, managed this difficult plant relocation possible, and delivered all cargo safely to the client’s Romania site.

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28 December 2022 |

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