Jaromin completes trio of Tadano cranes

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All good things come in threes – this was clearly the train of thought at Oberhausen-based Auto-Krandienst Jaromin.

More specifically, Managing Director Lars Jaromin had picked up a new Tadano AC 3.055-1 all terrain crane in Zweibrücken towards the end of summer, and made sure to be back to pick up two Tadano AC 4.080-1 cranes with an E-Pack.

What really sealed the deal with him when it came to the AC 3.055-1 was its extraordinary roadability: The Tadano three-axle unit can travel with a ten-tonne axle load, making it much easier for the Oberhausen crane experts to get the required permits. “That makes us much more flexible when it comes to planning routes, and that ultimately means that we save tons of time and money with the AC 3.055-1,” Lars Jaromin succinctly puts it. As additional advantages behind the AC 3.055-1, he mentions the crane’s full scope of equipment, including a boom tip camera, wireless remote control, and, of course, the IC‑1 Plus crane control system in combination with Flex Base, which makes it possible to extend outriggers to any point within their range. “As far as we’re concerned, that makes the AC 3.055-1 a true all-rounder that we can use as a versatile taxi crane in industrial buildings, concrete construction projects, and even when setting pools in place,” Lars Jaromin says while outlining some of the extremely broad potential applications for the crane.

As for his new AC 4.080-1 cranes, he says he found the boom length of 60 meters and the compact design particularly compelling. “This makes the cranes extremely maneuverable, which is really a huge advantage given that work sites keep getting tighter and tighter,” he explains. Just like with the AC 3.055-1, he also mentions the AC 4.080-1’s ability to travel with a ten-tonne axle load as another advantage that makes it easy to plan routes: “That means we can usually get to our work sites directly without having to take time-consuming detours.” He then underscores how the Surround View camera system is a plus factor when it comes to driving safety, not to mention that it makes it much easier to position the cranes at work sites. Then there is the IC‑1 Plus remote control, which ensures convenient crane operation and is particularly intuitive. Jaromin wants to use the two new Tadanos as versatile all-rounders that will be particularly well-suited to indoor areas and cleanrooms thanks to the E-Pack, which makes zero-emission, low-noise operation possible.

He knows from experience that both of them will prove themselves without a shadow of a doubt, as the cranes from Zweibrücken and Lauf are a mainstay of his fleet: Not only does the latter feature AC 30 and AC 40 City cranes, but also a 130-tonne Demag machine and various Tadano ATF cranes, among others. In addition, he sees the merger between both companies as a positive development: “The fact that the quality of the machines and service has improved even more shows that it was the right decision,” he says.

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9 February 2023 |

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