Integral Chile delivers 76-ton dryer to Mexico

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In the last month of 2022, Integral Chile successfully delivered a 76-ton dryer to Port Valparaíso to be shipped to Mexico… but the story isn’t quite that simple.

The factory that manufactures these dryers is located near Talcahuano, in the south of Chile. There are a few local ports but none of them could be used to ship the cargo due to a lack of suitable vessels able to carry such heavy machinery.

Integral Chile’s project cargo team discovered the solution. A multimodal option was devised which consisted of delivery of the cargo to Port Valparaíso by land, a journey spanning 500 kilometres.
Before this, however, the supplier had to regulate the dryer’s specifications more than once. Afterwards, land travel permits as well as a police escort were requested and granted some days later by the local authorities.

These hurdles consumed critical time for Integral Chile, but after a few weeks, the cargo finally departed from Talcahuano to Valparaíso in a modular truck, with an auxiliary vehicle and police escort.

Later, the convoy was joined by Integral Chile’s senior staff and arrived at Valparaíso just in time for the truck to be allowed to enter and remain at the port after the long trip.

All documentation was then finalised, and the dryer was confirmed to be loaded into the vessel a couple of days later. When the time came, the required manoeuvres were performed and the 76-ton heavy machinery was safely loaded into the vessel.

“Thanks to the hard work of our project cargo team, it became possible to ship this dryer and prove an example of how Integral Chile strives for the most efficient and best solutions.”

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