Hiab upgrades HiVision for forestry cranes

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Hiab, part of Cargotec, announces the launch of the camera system HiVision 2.0 for forestry cranes and improvements to HiVision for MULTILIFT demountables, which are used to operate equipment from inside the truck cabin.

Hiab’s HiVision for forestry cranes uses external cameras to show the cranes surrounding, which the operator can see using virtual reality (VR) goggles inside the truck cabin. This improves productivity, reduces the weight of the equipment and provides a more comfortable and safer working environment for the operator. HiVision 2.0 has an improved camera system combined with a powerful computer and goggles. This supports a higher frame rate as well as a better resolution and brightness to create a more natural viewing experience. It is also possible to retrofit existing LOGLIFT or JONSERED forestry cranes with the first version of HiVision.

“The new HiVision 2.0 reduces the issues of dizziness or blurred vision, commonly associated with the use of VR technology. The solution continues to offer improved precision, safety and comfortable work environment of our forestry cranes and has proven very popular with the customers who bought the first version of HiVision,” says Davide Pernice, Director, Global Product Management, Forestry, Hiab.

HiVision for MULTILIFT offers multiple views from three cameras, container landing spot information and dynamic reversing steering lines for safer, easier and more convenient operation of the hooklift, using a touch-screen display inside the truck cabin. In the new version, Hiab has improved the camera image quality to offer customers safer operation and better efficiency in difficult light conditions such as direct sunlight, pitch dark as well as rain and snow. Obstacle detection software is an additional safety feature that minimises the risk of injury to people or damage to equipment. HiVision for MULTILIFT is available for Hiab’s most advanced hooklift range MULTILIFT Ultima.

“We’re proud to use the latest in camera technology to offer our customers industry-leading productivity and safety features. The best view for the driver to monitor the safe yet effective operation is HiVision for hooklift combined with MULTILIFT’s automatic loading sequence,” says Tuomo Salo, Director, Global Product Management, Waste & Recycling, Hiab.

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13 October 2022 |

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