Hellmann Smart QR digitises passive data tracking

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The monitoring and transparency of global supply chains are becoming increasingly important.

This is where Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Finnish startup Logmore come in the picture: Jointly, they are launching a passive dynamic QR data tracker named “Hellmann Smart QR”. It measures temperature, humidity, light as well as shocks and generates a new QR code with each measurement, which is displayed on the device and can be downloaded via cell phone camera upon cargo arrival. By integrating this additional data into the already established platform-based Hellmann tracking systems SmartAir! and Smart Ocean, each deviation can be directly associated with a specific point in the cargo’s journey.

“Hellmann Smart QR” enables cost-efficient and user-friendly visibility along the entire supply chain for sensitive cargo such as perishable goods or pharmaceuticals. With the help of push notifications, deviations become visible at a single glance and available directly after scanning both via cell phone or the cloud-based platforms SmartAir! and Smart Ocean. This makes it easy to track and assign responsibilities within the supply chain.

“With the integration of “Hellmann Smart QR” into our existing digital tracking platforms, the passive data trackers already used millions of times are for the first time combined with a real-time solution: Through this new tool and its passive data tracking, we achieve an equally efficient but more cost-effective solution compared to active tracking systems. At the same time, the new tool generates tracking data up to 95 percent faster than other passive trackers,” says Stefan Borggreve, Chief Digital Officer, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

In November 2022, Hellmann acquired the rights to the exclusive distribution of the hardware developed by Logmore in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Mexico, making it the responsible local product contact.

“Not only our very strong international logistics network, but also our Smart Solution product portfolio provides the perfect framework for the new Smart QR System. With “Smart QR”, Hellmann establishes a unique data link between system environments which provides our customers with comprehensive transparency along the entire transport chain,” adds Henning Pottharst, Product Manager Smart Solutions, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

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