Cuxport Terminal is ready for Nordex ship

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The “MV Superfast Levante“, a RoRo ship sailing under the Spanish flag, arrived at the Cuxport terminal in Cuxhaven for the first time on 8th of November.

The ship, which has been chartered by the Nordex Group on a long-term basis, is now regularly delivering wind turbine components manufactured abroad for onshore wind parks. The heavy-duty infrastructure of Cuxport is particularly suitable for the unloading of goods and terminal logistics.

As a flexible hub, the Cuxport terminal offers its customers multifunctional services in the areas of RoRo and crane operations, storage, customs and logistics. The shipping service operated by the “MV Superfast Levante” will frequent the port in a regular schedule from November onwards. The vessel, which is 158 metres long, is currently transporting twelve rotor blades, among other cargo, from Tuticorin in India to Cuxhaven on behalf of the Nordex Group. The blades will be unloaded with shore cranes. In addition, the ship has RoRo ramps. This means that the cargo vessel is not only able to accommodate the bulky project cargo on its exposed weather deck, but take on more goods from other shippers as third-party cargo.

Containers and MAFI roll/ trailers loaded via the RoRo facility will be transported on the ship during the return journey to prevent any empty journeys. It is possible to load other project cargo on MAFI trailers and also on the weather deck. “The Cuxport terminal is exceptionally suitable for coping with the challenging transport logistics and special handling of heavy items. Thanks to the resources and know-how provided, we can play our part in sustainably expanding structures in the German federal states through the wind turbines,” says Roland Schneider, Business Press Release Cuxport GmbH Neufelder Schanze 4 Roland Schneider 27472 Cuxhaven Phone: +49 (0) 4721 748-126 Developer at Cuxport.

The multimodal connections at Cuxport Terminal are a pivotal argument for using it to handle the maritime service. After the wind turbine components, measuring up to 81 metres, have been delivered by ship, they are temporarily stored at the terminal until they are further transported by heavy-duty trucks or inland waterway vessels, subject to approval. Thus, the multi-purpose port offers the Nordex Group and its other customers extensive transhipment possibilities. And demand is increasing, particularly in terms of space capacity. The vehicles make their way into the road network in Cuxhaven without the need for a police escort. “A special heavy-duty road passes through the roundabout, so that the heavy-bulky shipment can reach the A27 motorway junction quickly and without any problems,” Roland Schneider explains. Due to traffic lights that operate around the access route to the terminals heavy-bulky transports enjoy priority access between the port and the motorway throughout the night.

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