Mitsubishi Electric cooperates with Broekman Logistics

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The German branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., subsidiary of the globally recognized leader in the manufacturing, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment, cooperates with Broekman Logistics as logistics service provider to support its distribution centres on the Dutch-German border.

After an intensive, but valuable period in which Broekman Logistics temporarily set up an overflow location, supported in optimizing the supply chain, the company cooperates with Broekman Logistics as one of its long term strategic partner.

“Our strategic location in Venlo, combined with our flexible decision making structure as Broekman Logistics, has ensured that we were able to move quickly to support Mitsubishi Electric beginning of last year in the temporary storage,” indicates Ron Kuijpers, Director Business Development at Broekman Logistics. “It is a great compliment for us that through operational excellence we were able to ensure that the temporary storage turned into a long-term partnership with Mitsubishi Electric. With this partnership, we are further expanding our cooperation with Japanese companies.”

The location in Venlo will serve as a replenishment hub for Mitsubishi Electric’s European distribution centre just across the German border. This will strongly support a centralization of goods and optimization of the supply chain where Mitsubishi Electric will be able to even further optimize supplying their customers.

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19 January 2023 |

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