Bollore reduces carbon footprint in Songjiang

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Bolloré Logistics is committed to providing sustainable solutions for building a low-carbon supply chain.

In line with the Bolloré Group’s decarbonization targets, Bolloré Logistics invests in innovative projects to reduce its environmental impact.

In Greater China, the Fashion Hub located in Shanghai’s Songjiang District specifically caters to fashion and luxury customers and is an example of how the company embraces sustainability and implements it in its daily operations.

Wen-Wei ZHAO, Head of Supply Chain of Bollor√© Logistics Greater China, emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices in contract logistics, ‚ÄúSustainability is a key success factor to our logistics business. We are committed to actively monitoring and addressing all emitting sources and will continue to explore innovative solutions to mitigate our impact across scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions.‚ÄĚ

Let’s have a closer look at the practices implemented in the Fashion Hub:Energy efficiency:LED lighting and motion control systems implemented to save electricity; Digital-twin platform for real-time monitoring and analysis of energy, waste, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and other relevant data; Last-mile delivery with a fleet of electric vehicles; The warehouse itself is LEED Silver certified, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable construction.

Circularity: The Fashion Hub also adopts a circular approach, emphasizing the principles of Reduce, reuse, and Recycle (3R). Operating plastic waste is reused and recycled as much as possible in business operations; Wastepaper is used as fillers instead of plastic airbags, minimizing plastic usage; Safety vests and on-site recycling bags are made from recycled PET bottles (rPET), ensuring that plastic waste is fully utilized; Normal cartons are replaced with reusable containers to reduce packaging waste; Additionally, Bolloré Logistics partners with clients to collect waste merchandise, which is then transformed into storage bins, promoting circularity.

Stakeholder engagement: We continue to seek solutions to help clients reduce waste, energy & GHG emissions inside the warehouse and in last-mile delivery; The Company launched the Green Day event in 2022, a fun and interactive workshop where our employees learned to create handicrafts using recycled cartons; Arbor Day event was launched in April 2023, involving employees in activities related to nature conservation and biodiversity protection.

Through energy efficiency measures, circular economy practices and people engagement, Bolloré Logistics’ Songjiang Fashion Hub contributes to a greener future in logistics industry.

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