Bertus leaves Scotland for new home in Indonesia


EDINBURGH: June 01, 2018. Chapman Freeborn live animal subsidiary Intradco Global has helped deliver a Greater One-Horned rhino from Europe to South East Asia as part of an endangered species breeding programme.

Born in 2008, the 2.5-ton male rhino Bertus was relocated recently from Edinburgh Zoo to a new home (right) at Batu Secret Zoo in Indonesia.

Historically the rhino inhabited the entire northern part of the Indian subcontinent but by the end of the 20th Century only 200 animals remained due to habitat destruction, sport hunting and poaching.

Thanks to conservation efforts, the population has now increased to around 3,500 in northeastern India and the Terai grasslands of Nepal.

Working in cooperation with specialist animal forwarder Mileinair and Chapman Freeborn Poland, Intradco Global arranged the air transport from Luxembourg to Surabaya via a Qatar Airways B777 freighter.

Bertus was joined onboard the aircraft by two veterinarians and two Intradco loadmasters to ensure his safe loading and unloading.

Speaking on behalf of Intradco Global, Tom Lamb said: “Hopefully Bertus will be a significant boost to the endangered species breeding program – increasing the ex-situ numbers and helping to create more awareness of the challenges these impressive animals face in the wild.”

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