2019 Prospects are looking bright for Port of Dunkerque



Stéphane RAISON

President, Dunkerque Port


The Port of Dunkerque continued its steady progress in 2018

Much of the investment budget will be devoted to the completion of the major development projects of the West Port.

The port’s annual traffic reached 51.6MT up 3% compared to 2017

General Cargo

Traffic was a little subdued with a decrease of 2% to 20.17 MT

Containers however, led the way with strong growth. Posting a record year at 422,000 TEU, with spectacular growth up 13%.

Solid bulkincreased 5% to 25.91MT Ore traffic set a new record, passing 15 MT driven by the Arcelor/Mittal plant in Dunkerque, but also great figures for transhipment flows at the West bulk cargo dock for the other steel plants of the group.

Liquid bulk

LNG traffic increased by an outstanding 56% to reach 1.22 MT.   Overall gas traffic (LNG + Industrial gases) posted a gain of 37% at 1.71 MT.   Petroleum products were down 3% at 3.34 MT, while other liquid bulk rose 19% to stand at 0.43 MT

The big success proved to be Liquid bulk – up 8% at 5.48MT, driven by the build-up in LNG traffic.





January 15, 2019 |

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